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LOOK: Jim Paredes compares Ferdinand Marcos, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to a virus

LionhearTV logo LionhearTV 3/2/2021 Ron Mia

The late President Ferdinand Marcos and President Rodrigo Duterte was chided anew by Filipino musician-producer-educator-writer-photographer- television personality-workshop facilitator-an activist and a Duterte critic, and best known for being one of the members of APO Hiking Society Jim Paredes.

Ferdinand Marcos, Jim Paredes, Rodrigo Duterte posing for the camera © Provided by LionhearTV

In a tweet, Paredes likened the two Presidents to a virus mutation. He shared images of the two leaders side-by-side. He described Marcos as the original virus, while Duterte as the new strain.

Duterte has always been compared to Marcos. Both of them are strongmen who have dictatorial characters.

In several instances, Duterte also publicly acknowledged the former dictator’s (Marcos) autocratic administration.

“[The] martial law of Mr. Marcos was very good,” said Duterte in his May 2017 speech.

During the Presidential campaign in 2016, one of his election promises also was to lay dictator Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani to which he fulfilled after winning the Presidency.

“My decision will be to allow his burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani,” said Duterte during the campaign in February 2016.

“I will allow the burial of President Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani not because he is a hero, kung ayaw ng iba (if others dont’ like it), but because he was a Filipino soldier, period,” he said shortly after his win in May 2016.

Meanwhile, Netizens who replied to Jim agreed and shared his sentiments and observation.

Netizen Nico Montinola said both damaged the country’s economy and reputation.

“Both have done irreparable damage to our nation’s economy and reputation. Nakakahiya!” said @nicomontinola

@romelarabia meanwhile said the new variant which is Duterte is more lethal than his idol.

“More lethal new variant,” he tweeted.

Mac Zamora and Kam Nebora also shared the same sentiment that Duterte is more awful than the original one.

“Mas nakakatakot ang new mutation. Mukha talaga mutant haha,” @Mackinleyzamora

“mas malupet daw ang new variant ng veerus matinding makahawa at matagal mamatay pero malapit na magkaron ng anti-veerus drug at vaccine from ICC,” @kampaithen

And Ren Mart said Duterte is “More deadly variant.”

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