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Sharon Cuneta gets emotional as daughter Miel Pangilinan nears high school graduation

PhilSTAR Life logo PhilSTAR Life 28/01/2023 John Patrick Magno Ranara

Sharon Cuneta couldn't help but get emotional as she shared that her youngest daughter, Miel Pangilinan, is set to graduate high school and go to college soon.

The Megastar took to her social media accounts to post a picture of Miel smiling ear to ear as she is clad in her dark blue graduation toga. In her caption, Sharon wailed, "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!! Now you’re graduating and is going off to college na rin after a year-off to enjoy life first?!!!"

While the Megastar wants her 18-year-old daughter to stay as her baby girl forever, she said she's so proud that Miel grew up to be the confident woman she is and how she managed to finish her education amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Baby ko, if there was really a time-traveling machine I’d invest my life savings in it so I could be with your baby-self and stay there forever!" Sharon joked.

"But I am so very proud of you—and this high school completion didn’t come easy for you and many others—having to do lots of online stuff and dealing with COVID lockdown. You guys just missed out on so much more of what life in high school should’ve been like," she added.

The mother of four went on to highlight how "beautiful and precious" Miel is to her as she revealed the latter's plans to study abroad.

"Bunny, you really wanna study abroad also? Here na lang please, please, please? Oh well... you know Dad and Mama will give you what you want, even if it’ll hurt to be away from you," Sharon wrote.

Miel is set to follow in the footsteps of her elder sister Frankie, who also chose to study abroad as a literature major in one of the progressive universities in New York.

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