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Girl gets fully soaked after massive leap-fail

A girl in high-heels walks along the raised edge of a water feature in Madrid on January 20. She then decides to make the leap across. Seeing a man on the other side of the water she hopes that he will be there to catch her if things go wrong - which they do in a big way. As she makes the jump, without any run up, she gets to the other side but doesn't stick the landing. Holding on to the man's hand for support she tries to pull herself up but the man can't hold her weight. The girl slowly and rather comically drops into the water underneath her until she is fully immersed. The man can't hold himself up and is also pulled into the water but manages to keep his torso dry. Footage is shot at night time and shows a girl in high-heels walking along a platform next to a man made water feature in Madrid. Squeals and shouts can be heard as she leaps over the water and as she drops in on the filmer swears.
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