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Jay Shetty: Marrying Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck was an honour

Bang Showbiz logo Bang Showbiz 27/9/2022 BANG Showbiz
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez © Provided by Bang Showbiz Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's wedding officiant says it was an "honour" to marry the couple.

Jay Shetty - a former monk who previously married four couples during the press tour for the 'On the Floor' singer's 'Marry Me' press tour - hailed presiding over the couple's big day an "honour" and said it was "truly special" to be part of last month's ceremony.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I can tell you it is an honour. It was absolutely beautiful. And I'm gonna let them share more. But it was truly special -- it's beautiful to celebrate love."

Jay is a big fan of both Jennifer and Ben.

He added: "I met Jennifer a couple of years ago. She's just been absolutely phenomenal. We've collaborated a bunch of times and I got to meet Ben through the process, which has wonderful."

The couple - who first dated from 2002 to 2004 and reunited last year - officially married in an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas on 16 July, before exchanging vows again in front of their loved ones at a lavish celebration in Georgia on 20 August.

And Kevin Smith, who was one of the guests at the second wedding, recently joked the 'Good Will Hunting' actor delivered a "12-page speech" at the reception.

He said: "He’s one of my favourite writers on the planet. He wrote his vows - they [both] wrote their vows, but he wrote a big speech that he read to her at the wedding, which was breathtaking."

Kevin joked that Ben is "his own biggest fan, so he wrote like a 12-page speech".

The 52-year-old filmmaker admitted he was "bawling" throughout the ceremony.

He added: "Even a cold-hearted robot would walk away from that ceremony like, ‘Oh my god, true love can happen!'

"It was a real fairy-tale ending. And [Jennifer] has impeccable taste, the whole place looked amazing. [Jennifer] looked fantastic. They all looked fantastic."

Meanwhile, Jennifer recently revealed that she feels like she's in "heaven" with Ben.

She shared: "The truth is everyone's story is different and we all have our paths to travel. No two people are the same.

"But for us, this was perfect timing. Nothing ever felt more right to me, and I knew we were finally "settling down" in a way you can only do when you understand loss and joy and you are battle tested enough to never take the important things for granted or let the silly insignificant nuisances of the day get in the way of embracing every precious moment.

"We find ourselves in that long-desired time of life: having gratitude for all that life has shown us, even its trials and tribulations. That night really was heaven... (sic)"

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