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Francis Ng to celebrate New Year with family in Singapore

TPG Logo By tungstar3 of TPG | Slide 1 of 10: (HongKong January 06 2019) Louis Koo,Nick Cheung and Francis Ng promoted for “Line Walker: The Prelude” in HongKong today. As the best actor who also won the most popular singer, Louis said:“Thanks for your blessing. The Hong Kong Association of Artist plans to hold music award soon”. He refused to talk about helping Lo Hoi-pang pay for the operation fee. Nick Cheung said:“Louis won so many awards, I will not celebrate with him everytime. That would be too tired. I like singing, but I dare not perform on stage. Some singers did invite me to their concerts as guest, but I rejected”.Francis said:“There’re many gunplay and explosion scenes in the film. The good thing is I don‘t need to go to other places to shoot. I will celebrate New Year with families at Singapore”. Talked about Ringo Lam who passed away recently, Francis said:“There‘s no chance to work with him again”.

(Hong Kong, January 06 2019) Louis Koo, Nick Cheung and Francis Ng promoted the film “Line Walker: The Prelude” in Hong Kong today.

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