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Yuki Hsu: 'As long as you arrive at the destination, the effort does not matter, the results do'

TPG Logo By applesupplier of TPG | Slide 1 of 21: (Taipei February 05 2018) 39 years old Yuki Hsu who famous for the classic songs like “Flying”,“I‘m a girl” and “Fantastic” etc. will hold her concert at Taipei international convention center in May. Yuki said:“I‘m looking forward for the concert. At the same time I’m worried fans already forgot me and will not come”. Her contemporary singers like Jolin Tsai,Elva Hsiao and Stefanie Sun are the super stars now. When being asked will she feels inferior to them, Yuki positively said:“People will make mistake and take the wrong bus. As long as you can arrive at the destination, effort doesn’t matter, results do”. Yuki has hurt her cervical vertebra and replaced it by joint prosthesis. The cold weather made her pain and she has to do the rehabilitation every week. But Yuki said:“I will sing and dance on the concert. My condition is as good as before”.

(Taipei February 05 2018) 39 year old Yuki Hsu who is famous for her classic songs like “Flying”, “I‘m a girl” and “Fantastic” will hold a concert at Taipei International Convention Center in May. 

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