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Amazon responds to reports of New World bricking some 3090 GPUs

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Update - July 21: Amazon has issued a statement in response to mounting reports of select RTX 3090 graphics cards bricking while playing the beta for its MMO New World.

"We believe this is related with driver settings and frame rate limiters," the company said in a post on the game's forums addressing "Nvidia RTX 3090 series & 100% GPU usage". 

Amazon advised players to "disable the overrides in the driver settings", apply these updated settings, and restart New World to "prevent issues with the GPU's utilization." It also encouraged beta participants to cap the game's max FPS at 60 via the client's visual settings. Likewise, under the Nvidia control panel's 3D settings, ensure that New World "either shows 'Use Global Settings (Off)' or just 'Off.'"

In response to Amazon's post, some users have said that capping New World's frame rate within the game itself didn't actually change anything, and that they had to set a cap at the driver level to see any effects. 

Amazon didn't directly mention the EVGA FTW3 RTX 3090 GPU, which has been inordinately affected by critical errors according to posts from the New World community. However, the workarounds provided here suggest that the reports of GPU usage and power draw spiking during New World scenes with uncapped frame rates may be more than just anecdotal. It feels like we're still addressing the symptoms of this error rather than the root cause, but even patchwork solutions are better than nothing. 

Original story:

The newly opened beta for the Amazon-developed MMO New World is reportedly bricking select GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards. 

Shortly after the beta opened on July 20, players began to report critical GPU issues on the New World subreddit and forums. Curiously, the two most-read reports in these communities both reference EVGA's FTW3 model 3090. A widely shared report from Twitch streamer Gladd mentioned the same card, which suggests this isn't necessarily a blanket issue with the 3090 chipset, but a potential flaw in the EVGA FTW3. 

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One Reddit user specifically mentioned that while their card performed fine, their partner's EVGA-brand model crashed repeatedly while playing New World, for instance. Another said that their EVGA FTW3 "ran fine for about 30 minutes" but that its "fans shot up to 100% right after black screen" and that their PC no longer recognizes their graphics card. 

You might think that New World, a game funded with Amazon's hefty wallet, is just so beautiful and advanced that even the strongest GPU chipset on the market buckles under its sheer graphical fidelity, but reports suggest that it's actually the game's menus that are frying these cards. Reddit user greyone78 said that their card died "after setting my graphics quality to medium and hitting save," while New World forum user Goatz said their card made "a loud pop" and seemingly shorted out during the initial loading screen. Other reports suggest that the default uncapped frame rate during these screens can cause certain graphics cards to overdraw power and overheat or short out as they race to hit a zillion theoretical frames, but that's just anecdotal for now. 

EVGA, Nvidia, and Amazon have yet to address this apparent hardware failure, but the New World support FAQ does note that the game can cause some graphics cards to abruptly jump to 99% load, putting more pressure on their components and power draw. This is nothing new to games, and ordinarily, the fail safes built into all modern graphics cards will kick in before voltage or temperature extremes can deal any lasting damage. However, it appears that the EVGA FTW3 may have a blind spot for whatever spike New World is causing. 

Some 3090 owners claim that capping their frame rate can prevent GPU spikes and crashes while playing New World, but for the time being, if you're running a new graphics card your best bet is to play it safe and wait for driver or software updates addressing this issue. 

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