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Pisces: Your daily horoscope - May 06

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You might be expecting a night of passion, but instead your significant other might shanghai you and drag you to a history lecture! This might seem rather tedious at first, but if you really listen, you might find yourself actually getting interested in what the speaker has to say. Go out for drinks afterward, and enjoy the evening!Get to know our awesome advisors.

Your love horoscope

You'll want to express yourself in bold ways. You love to talk and to share your opinions with others. But the energy of the day will heighten your need to communicate even more. Call up a good friend and have a long conversation. Or spend some time sharing your thoughts with your romantic partner. You'll want to reveal some of your recent insights and observations. Speak up and inspire others with your views.

Your career horoscope

Take charge of your overall health today. You will likely wake up feeling energetic and well. Seize this opportunity to be active in doing things that will help continue your good feelings. Consider all aspects of your health including emotional and spiritual. If you can, sit outside in the sunshine and fresh air to consider the areas of your life that could use a workout. Take a walk, do some gardening - engage in something both creative and physical.

Your finance horoscope

Your ship could very well come in today. It will happen quite unexpectedly, and it may take you some time to adjust to this sudden windfall. This is a day of big changes, as you may also decide to use this money to completely alter your way of life. It could be that you make a move to another part of the country, or decide to change professions. Trust your instincts here. Don't hesitate.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Your emotions may be at a climactic point at this stage in the month. The good news is that your general health, vitality, and ego should be good and strong, which will help you to stand strong during the potentially upsetting mood today. Try not to be too negative! By approaching everything from a limiting standpoint, you're holding yourself back before you even get started. Don't fall into this trap!

Tomorrow's horoscope

Today you could feel pulled in two different directions. You're a gentle person, and you don't like to confront others. But right now something could be happening that needs to change. You might have a friend or significant other who doesn't understand your point of view. Speak up and make an objective list of your concerns. Even though your shy side might be urging you to keep quiet, you'll feel better if you open your mouth!

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Life: Pay attention to the investments you make this week and don’t get too ahead of yourself. Set yourself clear goals at work and create plans to make them possible.

Love: Your emotions and feelings will push you into making rash decisions this week, so try to keep a cool head in all the craziness. What are your goals for the future? Now might be the time to decide what you want exactly.

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You are sensitive to your partner and will care for them endlessly. Jupiter in Pisces from the 14th encourages your kindness. You understand everyone's point of view because your attentive ear is precious.


Circumstances follow one another to produce opportunities. Mars and Uranus accentuate your entrepreneurial spirit. Under the aegis of Jupiter in your sign from the 14th, you benefit from beneficial influences.


Pluto offers you an excellent power of regeneration. As a result, everything is exciting and captures your attention. Don't lose focus.

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