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Scorpio: Your daily horoscope - June 20

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The influence of your mother may be on your mind today. Your mother is likely to have a tremendous effect on how you think, act, and feel both in the past and in the present. For every sign, there is an opposite sign. For you, Scorpio, your opposite sign is Scorpio. If your mother is your opposite sign, conflict and misunderstanding can happen more easily. Take the time to learn about her sign today to help you understand her and the relationship you have.Is your soulmate just around the corner? Find out here.

Your love horoscope

A long telephone conversation could take place today between you and a romantic partner. You could discuss a lot of different subjects - philosophy, current events, the weather, your own opinions. The only thing you probably won't touch on in this conversation is the status of your relationship, which could be frustrating for you. Nonetheless, you'll learn a lot about your inner feelings that will enable you to understand each other better. Hang in there!

Your career horoscope

There is an important lesson in follow-through that you need to learn. More than likely, as you strive for perfection, you get the feeling that nothing is every fully completed. Try not to be so hard on yourself. More than likely, the work you have finished so far is probably much better than what most people could ever accomplish. Put the final touches on whatever you have working, and move on.

Your finance horoscope

Have you been thinking about finding some new ways to earn a little extra money? Today might find you at the library, studying all the latest statistics and economic trends so as to point you in the right direction. A friend may accompany you. Research on the Internet at home could also be of benefit, though you might not quite know where to look. Still, you should make some inroads that sound interesting. Good luck!

Your wellbeing horoscope

A trip to a museum or local gallery could bring you some interesting insight. You'll likely turn your back on the realistic paintings and photographs that used to interest you, and look with admiration at the abstract sculptures and paintings on the other side of the room instead. They definitely capture your interest, and by the end of the day you may find yourself considering taking an art class to learn more about art appreciation.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Today, you may get caught up in some family conflicts that you have no desire to deal with. And you may even feel like yelling at other people in order to get rid of all the excess stress, and get yourself out of this situation. But be careful not too overlook the hidden benefits of this day. There may be a kind of treasure in there somewhere. Instead of getting angry, open your eyes!

Here are your free predictions for the week, from June 13 to June 12

Life: The stars are urging you to move forward with your projects and plans this week. You will become more and more efficient as the days pass and your dedication won’t go unnoticed. Your patience will eventually be rewarded.

Love: Sensuality and passion will highlight your love life this week, although you are likely to have trouble finding balance. Your relationships will seem a bit unstable right now, but you’ll soon see that your patience will pay off.

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The first week is ideal and Venus and Jupiter make you want to get married or encourage sentimental fulfillment. Then, up until the 17th, a surprise meeting can make you take off if you are alone. It is possible that a simple approach will move to more serious things after the 21st!


During the first week, Mars and Pluto put you in tension at work but, at the same time, this emulation or even competition that hovers over you does not displease you. You know that in this game, your sense of dialectic always wins. After the 21st, you could land a lucrative contract.


Around the 10th, your energy is overflowing but poorly channeled. Take a break and breathe deeply. From the 21st, the Sun sends you all its light and vitality. In addition, Mercury direct on the 22nd helps you regain your concentration. Besides, you are less on edge!

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