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4 Benefits of A Storage Water Heater logo 20/10/2016
4 Benefits of A Storage Water Heater © 4 Benefits of A Storage Water Heater

You’ve just renovated your home, and are not afraid to boast about its swanky décor. In fact, you feel like you’ve been transported back to the five-star suite you stayed at during your honeymoon last year. But wait – the experience isn’t complete without that luxurious rain shower. To enjoy that, you need a storage water heater.


What’s a storage water heater?


A storage water heater keeps a supply of hot water that’s ready to be dispensed at a moment’s notice. To achieve this, it pre-heats cold water and seals it in an insulated tank. When you turn on the tap, the storage water heater releases the hot water from the top of the tank and allows cold water to enter from the bottom via a dip tube. The cold water mixes with the hot water, and the cycle repeats.





Unlike an instant water heater, which tapers the water flow to create a small surface area that can be heated instantly, a storage water heater merely opens the floodgates to a reservoir of water that’s already heated. This results in an unrestricted flow rate that’s suited for high-pressure shower fixtures such as rain showers, massage jets and bathtubs.




A storage water heater draws from a pool of water that’s already heated and kept warm at the same high temperature. Each storage water heater also comes with a mixer that you can toggle to get the desired temperature for showering. The mixer controls how much cold water from a normal pipe is added to the outflowing hot water from the storage water heater.




Unlike an instant water heater, which is commonly installed near the point of use (i.e. beside the shower head), a storage water heater can be placed anywhere – behind the false ceiling, in the cabinet or even on the air-con ledge! Whether you prefer to hide your storage water heater or work it into the aesthetics of your home, this flexibility certainly gives you more options!



As long as your installation doesn’t involve hacking or special piping, your set-up costs should be relatively low. A storage water heater is also designed to be shared between multiple bathrooms, so it may be a more inexpensive choice than buying two instant water heaters for two bathrooms.


Which storage water heater capacity is right for you?

The Andris R (left) and Andris Lux (right) storage water heaters from Ariston. Both are available in 15-litres and 30-litres capacities. (Photo: Ariston Singapore)


The Andris Lux storage water heater from Ariston, which is designed and made in Italy, has a sleek and minimalist appearance that wouldn't look out of place in a modern setting. (Photo: Ariston Singapore)


15 litres 

One bathroom with normal shower head


30 litres 

Two bathrooms with normal shower heads


One bathroom with rain shower or bathtub 


50 litres & above

Three bathrooms with normal shower heads


Two bathrooms with rain shower or bathtub


The Ariston Andris R 15 litres / 30 litres ($259 / $289) and Andris Lux 15 litres / 30 litres ($329 / $359) storage water heaters are now available at all authorised resellers. For more information, visit

This story is brought to you by Ariston Singapore.

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