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S$1,800 cash prize to be won at treasure hunt in National Gallery Singapore

Mothership logo Mothership 17/3/2022 Irwan Shah
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We've all binged on a good detective series, following protagonists as they find clues to unravel mysteries.

Now, imagine being the main character of the show. You can do just that and more at an interactive treasure hunt event at the National Gallery, titled "Gallery of Secrets: The Lost Lily".

Photo Courtesy of The Theatre Practice © Provided by Mothership Photo Courtesy of The Theatre Practice

The treasure hunt is a collaboration between National Gallery Singapore and theatre company The Theatre Practice.

It features a combo of theatre, cinematography and games inspired by the history and artworks within.

Hybrid physical-digital experience

Held from April 4 to 18, 2022, the treasure hunt (available in English and Mandarin) comprises three different chapters, involving both physical and digital elements.

Chapter 1 and 3 take the form of a livestream performance, while Chapter 2 — the hunt — takes place inside the National Gallery Singapore itself.

You can also opt for a fully digital experience from the comfort of your home through an interactive online 3D rendition of the space.

Courtesy of National Gallery Singapore © Provided by Mothership Courtesy of National Gallery Singapore

Akin to Google Street View, it allows you to "walk" around inside the gallery while searching for the various clues in chapter two.

If you have a VR headset, you can further immerse yourself with the VR option available.

Photo Courtesy of The Theatre Practice © Provided by Mothership Photo Courtesy of The Theatre Practice

Cash prize of S$1,800

The experience begins with Chapter 1: The Painting where audiences tune in to a 30-minute livestream performance that sets the stage for the treasure hunt.

The performance promises a vibrant array of unique characters that will draw you deeper into its narrative.

Chapter 2: The Hunt brings you to the halls of National Gallery Singapore as you scour every nook and cranny for clues.

This part of the event can be completed at your own pace, which means you'll also be able to view the various artworks and exhibitions available within the former Supreme Court and City Hall at the same time.

The chapter is split into seven levels, with the sixth being a timed event. You will need to solve the mysteries and puzzles in each level before you can progress to the next.

Complete this chapter as fast as possible and you might stand a chance to win real treasure — a cash prize of S$1,800.

If you're on-site, you can drop by Smoke & Mirrors and try a specially-made cocktail inspired by the Gallery of Secrets, Alistair's Elixir.

Photo Courtesy of The Theatre Practice © Provided by Mothership Photo Courtesy of The Theatre Practice

The treasure hunt ends at Chapter 3: The Treasure where a 20-minute livestream unravels all the mysteries of The Lost Lily.

Here's where the burning questions and hunches you may have from the previous chapters will be answered.

Do note that you will have to book your preferred date slots for each chapter before beginning your journey.

Depending on the dates chosen, the treasure hunt's three chapters could span over one to two weeks.

Screenshot from The Theatre Practice media kit © Provided by Mothership Screenshot from The Theatre Practice media kit

Redefining Theatrical Formats

This is not the first time that The Theatre Practice is organising an interactive multi-platform performance.

In 2021, the local theatre company staged a murder mystery-themed event, "The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets".

Photo Courtesy of The Theatre Practice © Provided by Mothership Photo Courtesy of The Theatre Practice

The move to a digital medium allowed them to reach an audience of over 3,000 from 16 countries, exceeding the usual theatre capacities during the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions at that time.

“People were literally spending days compiling pages of research to crack the case!”, laughs Artistic Director Kuo Jian Hong. “Our aim is always to create a great game AND a great show. We’re excited to build a new world for participants to fall in love with, and a fresh mystery to torture them with!”

Event details

When: April 4 to 18, 2022

Where: National Gallery Singapore and via live streaming, or fully digital

Tickets: Purchase your tickets for Gallery of Secrets: The Lost Lily here, or check out the official site for more information.

Tickets start from S$28 each for a group of three, S$31 each for a pair, and S$48 for one.

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