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11 Tips To Avoid Being Sleepy at Work

ZUU Online SG logo ZUU Online SG 5/12/2018 Taha Khan
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Sleep soothes the body and the soul and various studies have shown that getting enough sleep has a lot of great benefits and is a major player in a healthy lifestyle. But sleeping during your working hours is another story and should be avoided. One should stay awake while at work to be more productive and accomplish all the required tasks by the end of the day. Moreover, your job is your life blood, thus it is very important to perform well while at work. If you are one of those individuals who often experience sleepiness whilst in the workplace, here are some tips to keep you awake and make sure that your mind is completely alert throughout the day.

1. Get Enough Sleep at Night

One of the main culprits of sleepiness during the daytime is not having enough sleep at night. Your groggy feeling and sour mood at work are normally the result of problems which start at night. To avoid having heavy eyes and nodding off during the day time, you should get enough sleep at night. The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to perform at their best during the day. If you think your frequent sleepiness is due to lack of sleep at night, improve your sleeping habits!

2. Have A Proper Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it! Eating healthy foods for breakfast is important to help you carry out your day. You can begin your work with endurance and energy by consuming foods rich in protein and carbohydrates. Reporting to the office without something to fill your stomach will weaken your body and will result in sleepiness and poor performance.

3. Do A Little Stretching Or Small Movements

Sitting all day is not healthy and might cause drowsiness. If you feel that you have been seated for a long period of time, take a little break and do some stretching or small movements. A simple stretching of the hands and legs would be of help to shake off the sleepiness that you are experiencing. You might also consider taking a short walk away from your desk. Taking a few steps every now and then is a good idea to wake up those lazy muscles in your body. Moving your body will boost your energy and make sure that you stay awake throughout the day.

4. Break Time Is Coffee Time

When sleepiness strikes, nothing beats a good coffee! The aroma of coffee wakes up your senses and enjoying a hot cup will make your day. Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates you and ensures that you stay awake. Just keep track of the number of cups you drink, because too much is not healthy!

5. Water Saves The Day

Never underestimate the power of water. It is not only known for health benefits like preventing dehydration but will also help ease the drowsy feeling during working hours. Drinking an adequate amount of water every day will flush out your drowsiness. Try squeezing fresh fruit, such as orange or lemon into your glass if you find plain water tedious to drink. This is a simple but effective tip for waking up your consciousness.

6. Listen To Lively Music

For those who enjoy the company of music, listening to upbeat melodies is a great idea to help stay alert for the entire day. But before you plug in, check out your office policies. If listening to music is allowed while at work, then play on! Make sure to choose lively beats over mellow ones, because the latter will soothe your senses and put you to sleep.

7. Have A Few Minutes Of Meditation

The most common benefit of meditation is making you feel relaxed. But you could also choose a few minutes of meditation that will help you to stay awake. Sitting in an upright position and making sure that your breathing isn’t compromised is the right way to meditate in order to prevent sleepiness. You can likewise listen to audio meditations with earphones to assist you.

8. Take A Lighter Lunch

Be aware of what you eat and how much you consume at lunch. There are foods which will make you feel sleepy. Also, eating too much at lunch will encourage sleepiness and is not healthy either. Once you are satisfied, finish the meal. Continuing to eat, even when you are full will make you even sleepier after lunch.

9. Stimulate Your Brain

If your current assignment is boring and making you feel sleepy, try changing task. Do not keep working on the task which does not resonate with your brain. Try something else which stimulates you and encourages alertness to keep you awake. Use your energy and time toward a project where your brain can cooperate. This way, you can be productive while staying awake.

10. Recharge Your Body

Feeling sleepy is your body’s way of telling you to slow down and take a break. Instead of struggling to keep yourself awake, have some rest and take a short nap, if such facilities are available at your workplace. Go ahead and enjoy the magic of a power nap. You will notice later that you feel energized and are ready to face the rest of the day with alertness!

11. Have Some Fresh Air

Breathing some fresh air outside your workstation is another way to get rid of that drowsiness in your body. Don’t confine yourself to the office the whole day. Taking a walk outside to inhale some fresh air will increase your alertness for sure. Upon doing this, you will achieve better blood circulation and it will stimulate your body to function at its best too!

Sleepiness at work is quite common but you should have some tricks up your sleeves to get rid of that feeling whenever it strikes you. To boost your performance at work and prevent sleepiness, follow the tips given above and ensure that you function at your best throughout the day!

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