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Pokemon Center At Jewel Changi Airport – 15 Things Under $15

MoneySmart logo MoneySmart 15/4/2019 Eugenia Liew

a group of people in a store: pokemon center singapore © Provided by MoneySmart Singapore Pte Ltd pokemon center singapore There's a lot of buzz around the recent opening of the Pokemon Center at Jewel Changi Airport. It is, after, the first official Pokemon store outside of Japan. However, as with most official merchandise, prices are not cheap. To help fellow Poke fans shop on a budget, here are 15 items under $15.  

Pokemon Center at Jewel Changi Airport - 15 things under $15

Pokemon Center Singapore merchandise  Price
Mini Pikachu-Eevee notebook $4
Pokemon pencils (2 pcs) $3
Pokemon card deck case $6 to $12
Takara Tomy figurines $6.90
Set of mini Pikachu figurines $7
Glitter stickers $7
Memo pads $7 to $8
Pokemon face mask$7.90
Mini Pokemon nanoblocks $7.90 to $13.90
Pokemon bell strap charms (assorted) $8
Pokemon A4 folder $8
Pokemon hand towels $8
Pokemon masking tape $10
Pokemon handkerchieves $10
Pokemon logo college case $13

Pokemon stationery - from $3

As expected, most of the affordable stuff fall under the stationery category. This is perfect if you're shopping for small gifts or school supplies for your kid. You can get a pack of 2 old-school pencils for $3, and mini notebooks for $4. If you're into scrapbooking, there are some really fancy stickers ($7) and masking tape rolls ($10) too. There are memo pads (from $7) and A4 folders ($10) as well, but I find those a tad too expensive for what they are.  

Pokemon card case - from $6

This is for those who play the Pokemon trading card game - these are plastic sleeves to protect your beloved card deck. There are simple designs are $6 / set, but if you prefer the cutesy ones (like the Eevee one pictured), then it's $12.  

Takara Tomy figurines - $6.90

I'm not sure why, but these Takara Tomy Pokemon figurines are waaaaaaay cheaper in Singapore than they are in Japan. As mentioned in another article where we compare the Pokemon Center Singapore vs Japan prices, it's only $6.90 here but $19.60 (1,620 JPY) in Japan.  

Mini Pikachu figurine set - $7

Japanese figurines are typically quite expensive, so I love that this mini Pikachu figurine set is so affordable at just $7 for 5 pieces. There are several "themes" for the box sets but I found the seaside one the cutest.  

P0kemon face masks - $7.90

At $7.90, the Pokemon face masks are pretty expensive. I usually steer clear from novelty cosmetics and skincare (because, duh, it's my face) but this one explicitly states "Singapore Limited Edition". Must buy lah, like that.  

Mini Pokemon nanoblocks - from $7.90

The regular-size nanoblocks are $15.90 to $19.90 so they bust our $15 budget, but the mini ones are affordable. Depending on which Pokemon characters you choose, they're either $7.90 or $13.90.  

Pokemon bell charms - $8

For some reason, these handphone / bag charms were one of the most popular items when I was at the Pokemon store. Everyone was crowding around the rack, picking their favourite Eevee evolution. The charms are $8 each, which is reasonable.  

Pokemon hand towels & handkerchieves - from $8

I'm a sucker for cute towels, and if you're like me, you'll be glad to know that these super cute Pokemon towels and handkerchieves are well within our tight budget. All hand towels (the smallest size) are $8. If you want something a little more exclusive and special, get the Pikachu-Lapras one - even though it is a special edition, it is the same price. The handkerchieves are $10.  

Pokemon flat carry case - $13

Sad to say, most of the pouches, pencil cases and mini tote bags are above $15. The one exception is this plastic carry case with a cute college logo design ($13). It's flat though, so you probably won't be able to carry much in it.   

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