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4 Ways To Slash Your Shopping Budget Without Becoming Frugal logo 23/4/2018 Denise Bay
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Being frugal with your money is a good virtue to have because we all know how difficult it is to make money. The thing is, there are ways to shave your shopping budget even if you aren't technically the most thrifty person in the room. You still can have what you want if you can afford it, of course, but the important thing is to be more mindful of how you spend your hard earned money. Below are some ways that we at find really handy to help you cut your shopping budget without becoming frugal. The bottom line? You just need to be a smarter shopper.

4 Ways To Slash Your Shopping Budget Without Becoming Frugal

1. Make a shopping list and stick to it

Whether you are intending to shop for groceries for the family, books for the little ones (or yourself), or a couple of new clothing items, it may help if you take some to think about what you want and/or need to purchase when making a shopping list. Once you have your shopping list down, be disciplined and stick to it.

We know it can be difficult not to succumb to temptations when there are so many wonderful things out there for us to see and buy, but if saving some money is the goal you have in mind, you need to teach yourself not to spend on a whim if you generally buy things on impulse.

2. Buy only when your things have been used up or spoilt

Some people stock up on the products they use just because of sales and promotions. Well, the fact is that sale events take place all the time, so there really isn't any real need to buy, say, 5 bottles of shampoo or 10 bags of detergent at one go.

Besides, certain things like cosmetics have a use-by date, so if you have the habit of buying too many of the same items at one go, be sure that you'll be able to finish using them up before they go bad. Otherwise, it may be wiser to buy a new one only when you are close to using it up if you cannot imagine running out of it.

3. Shop With A Credit Card

Simply by using a credit card to make your purchases you can save a lot of money. How? By earning rewards like cashback, air miles or points on each purchase you make and getting special deals and discounts that each bank offers. Depending on the credit card you hold you can earn rewards that can help you save money as you shop. Some cards offer flat rate rewards that you can earn on all purchases, others let you earn rewards or discounts on certain shopping categories like dining, travel, petrol, online shopping, groceries, etc.

By choosing the right credit card and racking up rewards as you spend, you are literally saving money as you spend it. This is one of the easiest ways to save money without being frugal. Here you can find's pick of the best credit cards in Singapore right now.

4. Take a thrifty friend or loved one out when you go shopping

Peer pressure is real, my friend. If you are a shopaholic at heart and there happens to be a thrifty one in your squad, make sure to go shopping together. Your thrifty friend will talk you out of buying things you absolutely do not need. That's what friends are for, though you probably will feel a little disappointed about not bringing home that bag or watch you've been wanting for ages.

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