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Adidas is saving the nature with their new sportswear technology

Augustman logo Augustman 6/4/2020 Dhakshaan
a close up of a footwear © Provided by Augustman a close up of some shoes © Provided by Augustman Adidas produce more than 400 million pair of shoes a year. Making new materials is not doing good for the environment. Hence, Adidas has other plans in mind. Experts claim that there will be more plastics in oceans than fishes in the coming 30 years. Furthermore, another study reveals that 90% of seabirds are consuming plastic waste. [caption id="attachment_65962" align="alignnone" width="1024"] a close up of a persons feet © Provided by Augustman (Photo: Adidas)[/caption] These pollutions in the ocean and by the beaches are dangerous for humans and sea livings. So, Adidas is taking the initiative to stop some of the rubbish from reaching the ocean. Adidas is working with environmental organization Parley for the Oceans to transform marine pollution into sportswear, sneakers, and sports shoes. In 2019, Adidas made over 11 million pairs of shoes with plastic waste from the ocean. The partnership with Parley for the Oceans prevented 2,810 tons of plastic from the oceans.
How are the shoes made?
The process kickstarts at the beach where Parley and partners collect rubbish from coastal areas. Then the plastic is sent to the processing plant. The plant uses recovered plastic for their work. A normal recycling facility receives caps and rings from bottles. Following that, the processing plant washes and dehydrates the waste, which changes into plastic flakes. The plastic flakes are cut into small resin pellets. Lastly, the final form of plastic waste, a form of polyester yarn is used to make upper parts of shoes and jerseys. This material provides the same performance and comfort for users. Plus, polyester uses lesser water and chemicals. [caption id="attachment_65960" align="alignnone" width="1024"] a pair of blue shoes © Provided by Augustman (Photo: Adidas)[/caption] Adidas is making more than 40% of its apparel with recycled polyester to date. College football, basketball, baseball, and the Australian Open is making clothes made of ocean plastic. However, this does not decrease the pollution effectively. The sportswear giant suggests consumers wash their clothes when needed only and fill the washing machine each time. Besides that, Adidas is making a new effort called The Futurecraft Loop, which recycles old shoes to be remade as new ones. This development will be available from 2021. With compliance from Parley for the Oceans, Adidas is making new products from available waste materials. Sustaining a better future is proven to be possible with these efforts.

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