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Unusual fish eats and changes color right before your eyes

This very bizarre looking fish is a white spotted filefish. Divers came across this unusual animal as it was munching away on a coral sea fan in a marine park off the coast of Little Cayman Island. Usually shy and wary, these fish will not allow divers to approach so closely in most cases. But this fish lives in an area where the humans who enter the water are particularly careful to respect the creatures and their space. Over time, a certain amount of trust has developed and the wildlife will occasionally allow a close view of their behavior. Scuba divers are thrilled to see eating behaviour such as this from such close proximity. The filefish' teeth are even visible as he opens his small mouth to expose the large, and strabgely human-like teeth as he nibbles away on the sea fan. Relaxed enough to continue, yet wary, the fish moves his eye around to keep a close watch on the diver and his camera. Thought to be mainly for camouflage, this fish has the ability to rapidly change its spots and the colour of its entire body. The colour and patterning alternate between yellow, gray and even a slight blue. The spots apear as whitisha dn then change to gray as the fish moves and eats. In many species, colour changing is also a form of communication, signalling other fish of its kind to warn them of dangger or to communicate mood. The colour changing can also be used to distract or deter predators. There are many unusual fish in the ocean and the purpose of their body shapes and behaviours are only partially understood. This filefish is one of those mysteries.
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