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3 aunties fight over fruit offerings in front of Chinatown Temple for 2 days!

The Independent logo The Independent 8/8/2022 Hana O
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Three aunties got into a fight in front of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple this weekend over fruit offerings.

The first incident happened on Saturday (Aug 6) at about 11 am when a woman “suddenly appeared” at the Mid-Autumn Festival event in the open space between Chinatown Complex and the temple.

Chinese language newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported that the woman took fruit offerings without permission.

Another auntie, 68-year-old retiree Zeng Yuefeng said the woman doesn’t live in the area and would only appear when there’s free stuff available.

Mdm Zeng claimed the woman took two of each fruit.

Another auntie in charge of the event advised the visitor not to take too many offerings, so others could have a turn, but the confrontation resulted in the two women fighting.

Mdm Zeng tried to intervene, but she ended up punched in the face. She wanted to get the bruises checked at the hospital, but no one could accompany her.

She said the pain was unbearable, and she couldn’t sleep that night.

The following morning, the same woman appeared at the event, and another shouting match occurred between Mdm Zeng and the visitor.

The women punched one another in the face as the altercation progressed.

According to Shin Min Daily News, who spoke to the woman accused of taking the offerings, she was invited by an uncle to join the event.

He also allowed her to take some offerings, but when she asked an auntie if she could take three mangoes, the woman denied her request loudly.

She received another hostile refusal when she asked to take some grapes. This made the woman angry, resulting in the fistfight.

The woman claimed that the other two aunties had attacked her even though she didn’t start anything.

She said that one of the women hit her with a white chair, leaving a scratch on her leg.

Meanwhile, Mdm Zeng denied the woman’s claims, noting that she used a chair to hit people.

The police were eventually alerted to the incident, although there was no mention of a police report or charges being filed. /TISG

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