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Actor Tay Ping Hui blasts “pompous idiocy” of MRT anti-masker

The Independent logo The Independent 14/5/2021 Anna Maria Romero
Tay Ping Hui et al. posing for the camera © The Independent Singapore

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Singapore—After the video of a man who refused to wear a mask on the MRT went viral earlier this week, actor Tay Ping Hui paid close attention to what the man said, and then labelled his comments as “pompous idiocy.”  

“Another sovereign who refused to wear a mask on MRT towards Redhill last night,” a member of the public wrote on Facebook on Saturday (May 8). “What shall we do to these people?”

The Caucasian man had much to say about mask-wearing, even after a passenger informed him that he could get a summons if he was found not wearing a mask. 

The video was shared hundreds of times.

At a time when Covid-19 cases are higher in Singapore than they have been for months, it is perhaps not unsurprising that Mr Tay weighed in, as the actor is known to be outspoken on social media.

On May 10, Mr Tay put up a lengthy post on his Instagram and  Facebook accounts, sharing the video of the anti-masker.

“What’s with this pompous idiocy?

Our entire country has reverted back to Phase 2 because of the new community cases of covid-19.”

He then went on to outline the additional measures now imposed on Singapore in order to prevent a wider spread of infections, adding that the majority of people in the country have got serious about taking responsibility.

“Most of us do try to do our part by taking social responsibility every way possible. 

And then we have this impertinent nincompoop.”

Mr Tay had listened closely and then had gone on to transcribe what the man said to his fellow passengers, as the actor said he did not want to jump to conclusions about him.

This is what the anti-masker appears to have said: I will never wear a mask… do you know about anything that’s going on? …I am not being aggressive…I am very religious, I love…human beings. I hate seeing…granddads…

Do you know what is behind all this? I’ve researched Bill Gates. I’ve researched the…I’ve researched this quite a lot & it’s not good… I’ve researched Free Masons, I’ve researched Jesuits, I’ve researched the UN, I’ve researched the World Health Organization…”

Mr Tay added, “(at this point someone offered him a mask, and with a look of absolute disdain he continued)… I am not going to put that up on my face… I wanna be happy…” 

But the actor also wrote that despite all the research the man claimed to have carried out, he wondered if the man had done any research on the laws and regulations regarding the pandemic in Singapore.

“Even a primary school kid here knows that masks are mandatory. So, the only conclusion is that this person knew, but he blatantly chose to disregard the laws of our country.”

he blatantly chose to disregard the laws of our country. Mr Tay went on to ask why the man had been “allowed to carry on his behaviour in such a blatant manner by those around” and “More importantly, how in the world did he even think that he could get away with it?”

He concluded his post by writing that since the man does not respect Singapore’s laws, neither does he deserve respect from its citizens.



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