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Meteor lights up sky before exploding over Malaysia

This is the incredible moment a meteor lights up the sky before exploding as it enters the earth's atmosphere. The huge fireball stunned motorist as it hurtled across the sky in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, at 5am local time on February 12. A large ball of fire could be seen as the meteoroid, a smaller form of the asteroid, suddenly exploded. Motorist Violet Crystal, 24, was travelling to work when her dashcam can record the spectacular phenomenon. Footage shows the green light travelling across the sky with a long trail of fire behind it before exploding and disappearing from view. Violet was startled by the blinding light. She said: "It was so bright and was travelling so fast that for a moment felt scared it would hit the ground and cause an explosion." The Malaysian Space Agency later released a statement that the light appeared was a fireball rather than a meteor and luckily there was no injury. Residents in nearby Singapore also reported seeing the meteor. They said it was so bright that it ''looked like a missile''. According to the International Meteor Organisation (IMO), a fireball is a very bright meteor made of tiny fragments of stone, ice, or metal orbiting from outer space that enter the earth's atmosphere.
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