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Wine Questions You Were Afraid To Ask...Answered

By Jameson Fink of Microsoft News | Slide 1 of 10: new caption

Go ahead. Ask anything (and we mean anything) about wine.

Our wine expert, Jameson Fink, was tasked with answering those nagging questions you have about wine. Don't see yours answered? Send a question via Twitter to @msn_food. And for more Wine Without Worry, check out Jameson's blog.

Is bringing your own bottle of wine to a restaurant really OK? Even though there’s a corkage fee?

Absolutely. If a restaurant has a corkage fee, that means they are fine with you bringing in a bottle. Make sure it’s not something they already have on their wine list (tacky) or something that you’d find on the bottom shelf of a convenient store (really tacky). It doesn’t have to be a super-expensive bottle, just something special: a wine you had at your wedding, brought back from vacation, a thoughtful gift. It’s a classy move to offer your waiter or sommelier a taste or leave a little in the bottle for them to enjoy post-shift.

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