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C8 Corvette Fleet Spied With GM President In Passenger Seat

motor1 logo motor1 3/7/2019 Christopher Smith
a close up of a car: Mid-Engined Corvette Reuss Spy Screenshot

If that's Mark Reuss riding shotgun, a mid-engined Corvette reveal could be just around the corner.

It seems Chevrolet is focusing on the American Southwest as the place to test its forthcoming mid-engined Corvette en masse. A couple of weeks ago we saw several videos of a C8 fleet in the San Diego area, and now we have a video from Yuma, Arizona showing a C8 convoy in action. This clip is special, however, because the videographer appears to catch none other than GM President Mark Reuss riding shotgun in one of the cars.

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The video comes from George Kenner, who has a comprehensive YouTube channel focusing on real estate. gave Kenner a call about this clip, and it turns out he’s also a major car guy with some notable history in dealership-level sales for Chevrolet. He also knows a thing or two about putting together good videos, so when he happened upon this convoy of camo-wrapped C8s he grabbed his phone and captured some very detailed shots. And he knew exactly what he was looking at, though he admitted to not recognizing the guy smiling back at him.

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a car parked in front of a mirror posing for the camera: Mid-Engined Corvette Spy Screenshot© Mid-Engined Corvette Spy Screenshot

How detailed is the video? Freeze frame in the right spot and you’ll see what looks like a removable roof. We’re also given a good look at the ‘Vette’s braking system on the rear wheels. And that grinning passenger certainly looks like Mark Reuss, who took over as president of General Motors at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately we have to blur the screenshot for legal reasons, but you can see the boss himself at the 2:49 mark in the video.

a close up of a car: Mid-Engine Corvette Spy Screenshots© Provided by The Motorsport Network Mid-Engine Corvette Spy Screenshots

Our friends over at MidEngineCorvetteForum initially tipped us off to this video, and they agree that the person in question is Reuss. If the president of General Motors is riding in a prototype C8 Corvette, those rumored electrical gremlins are likely a thing of the past. It might also suggest that the prototype phase for the long-awaited supercar could finally be nearing its end.

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This sighting comes on the heels of another new report that a sizable Chevrolet dealership specializing in Corvettes has started taking deposits for C8 orders. Last week we also heard an unsubstantiated claim from an alleged insider that C8 production was slated to begin in December. All the pieces seem to point towards an official mid-engined Corvette reveal in the not-to-distant future, but exactly when still remains a mystery. The New York Auto Show is a month away and remains a possibility, though we’ve heard credible rumors that a stand-alone reveal in early summer could also take place.

Either way you slice it, years of spy photos and decades of anticipation will almost certainly culminate in the next two or three months. Judging by the executive smile captured on this video – something Kenner said he saw on all the C8 occupants throughout this close encounter – it should be worth the wait.

Source:George Kenner via YouTube,

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