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What’s the Longest-Lasting SUV You Can Buy?

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Toyota’s reputation was built in America on reliability. Many will tell you that their Tacoma, Corolla or Tundra has gone for miles and miles. But, there is one current Toyota SUV that lasts longer than any other new vehicle you can buy. What makes the Toyota Sequoia so reliable?

The Toyota Sequoia is the longest-lasting SUV

2020 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota © Provided by MotorBiscuit 2020 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota

Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs are very reliable and, as a brand, Toyotas rank fifth in reliability at J.D. Power. However, at iSeeCars, the Toyota Sequoia is the longest lasing SUV you can buy. The site iSeeCars analyzed 14.9 million cars sold in 2021, and discovered that 14.2% of Toyota Sequoias reach 200,000 miles. That’s a stunning amount of miles to put on an SUV. It beats every other vehicle you can buy new, and rates significantly higher than the average in its category. Only 0.9% of all three-row SUVs reach 200,000-mile mark.

Overall, Toyotas account for six of the top 10 of vehicles. The Sequoia ranks No. 2, while the discontinued Land Cruise ranks No. 1. That means the Sequoia is the longest-lasting SUV you can buy new. Used Land Cruisers are, of course, available, though they’re not cheap.

Which year of Sequoia is the most reliable?

2021 Toyota Sequoia interior | Toyota © Provided by MotorBiscuit 2021 Toyota Sequoia interior | Toyota

The site iSeeCars does not say which years of Toyota Sequoia are the longest lasting, however, it doesn’t say which years. We can assume, however, that these long-lasting SUVs with 200,000 miles aren’t new. Toyota has made the Sequia since the 2001 model year. They are based on the Tundra truck, or the T100. Several components of the first generation of Sequoia (like the driveline) are shared with the T100 and it has several versions of Toyota’s 4.7-liter V8.

The second generation of Sequoia lasted from 2007 to 2022. By the end of its lifespan, the Sequoia was starting to feel dated and old. However, at J.D. Power, this generation of Sequoia gets “average” to “great” quality and reliability ratings. Newer Sequoias score higher. The 202o version, for example, scores “great,” but was dinged for poor fuel economy. The big V8, while thirsty, is a powerhouse and makes 381 horsepower.

How much is a new Toyota Sequoia?

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The new Sequoia has similar reliability scores, but this generation only just appeared for 2023. It has an entirely new engine and driveline sourced from the updated Tundra. It has quickly garnered praise as a capable, and even luxurious, SUV that can be equipped with at TRD package for off-roading, too. The new turbocharged six-cylinder engine is less thirsty, but makes more power.

The new 2023 Toyota Sequoia pricing starts at $58,300, but that’s for a base model. However, most will opt for the Limited version, which starts at $64,700. The Limited adds 20-inch rims, SofTex leatherette seats, and a larger 14-inch touchscreen. It also gets wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 to help you stay safe. Four-wheel drive is optional.

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