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Bad Optics: Ram TRX Blows Transmission, Saved By Friendly Ford Raptor logo 2/25/2021 Jacob Oliva

a man standing in front of a car: Ram TRX blows transmission © Ram TRX blows transmission

Oh, that's not a good look.

Ever since the Ram TRX made its debut last year, there has been an on-going volley between the fans of the Hellcat-powered truck and the loyalists of the Ford Raptor. Ram itself even went in and joined the trash talk, telling Ford to pop the new Raptor's hood via a tweet, which, as we know, doesn't have a V8 just yet. At least not until the Ford F-150 Raptor R arrives next year.

But it looks like Ram's tweet didn't age so well – at least considering this incident that happened in Utah. A YouTuber that goes by the name Ben Hardy took his brand new Ram TRX to a light off-road trail to have a little bit of fun with his $100,000 truck.

Based on the video above, it looks like the dealership will be replacing the transmission covered by the warranty. Hardy even got a nice Ram 1500 Limited loaner for the time being. Ram also took notice of Hardy's first video so they sent down a rep to the dealership to check and deal with the whole thing.

It was great customer service at that point, admittedly. But then again, this customer has a YouTube channel and this was clearly a bad PR for the brand, so there's that. Hopefully, Ram does this kind of service to all of its customers – or better yet, hope this transmission problem doesn't happen to other TRXs as well.

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Source: Ben Hardy (YouTube) 1, 2


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