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One Piece: Strongest Abilities Of Nika Luffy

GameRant 12/30/2022 Rei Penber
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Luffy is one of the Four Emperors of the One Piece world currently and he achieved this rank after the events of the Wano Country arc, where he fought Kaido, one of the former Four Emperors. Luffy continued to grow throughout the Wano Country arc and towards the end of his fight against Kaido, he ended up awakening his Devil Fruit, leading to the true powers of the Nika fruit being awakened.


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Nika Luffy was able to put up quite a fight against Kaido and eventually vanquished him in battle, thanks to the advanced powers of his Devil Fruit, coupled with incredible Armament and Conqueror's Haki. Nika Luffy has several abilities that make him special and contributed massively to him becoming one of the Yonko.

Rubber Body

For the longest time, fans believe that Luffy was the user of the Gum Gum Fruit, which he ate in the very first chapter of the story. This fruit granted him the powers of rubber and made him a rubber man. However, in the Wano Country arc, it was finally revealed that Luffy had, in fact, not eaten the Gum Gum Fruit but the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.

One of the secret powers of this fruit, being a Mythical Zoan, is that it grants the user a rubbery body. Despite Gear 5th being the pinnacle of Luffy's powers, his rubber body is still the very essence of it and it isn't lost in this form. However, it must be noted that Luffy's rubbery body is stronger than ever in this form, as is expected of the awakening of a Mythical Zoan fruit.

Extremely Malleable

As Luffy gains tremendous rubber powers in his Nika form, his malleability also increases dramatically. In his previous forms, Luffy wasn't all that malleable. In fact, any attack that was launched at him bounced off immediately and Luffy retained his normal shape.

In Gear 5th, Luffy has proven to be quite malleable, which just goes to show that his rubber powers now are far superior to what they once were. After Kaido hit him with his club, Luffy immediately took the shape of his weapon and stayed like that for quite some time. This softened the blow to quite an extent and ensured that Luffy didn't take as much damage as he would without it. Coupled with the generally tougher rubber that he was blessed with in his Nika form, this has made him nigh unstoppable in battle.

Limb Inflation Of Gear Third

One of the core aspects of Luffy's Devil Fruit powers is his ability to inflate his limbs. He figured out this power during the Enies Lobby arc of One Piece, where he fought against Rob Lucci for the very first time. During this fight, Luffy pumped air into his bones directly to grant himself the limbs of giants. A single blow from these limbs was powerful enough to make Rob Lucci lose consciousness for a bit.

In his Gear 5th form, Luffy retains the ability to inflate all his limbs, however, he cannot do it without pumping air into his bones. He can also do this on a much larger scale and can extend it to his entire body. One of his strongest techniques, known as Gum Gum Giant, sees him inflate his entire body with air and take the full appearance of a giant. Nika Luffy's limb inflation power is on a completely different level when compared to Gear Third.

Muscle Inflation Of Gear Fourth

In his Gear 4th form, Luffy made use of the muscles in his body and by biting into his forearm, inflated air directly into his muscles to gain a form that he called Muscle Balloon. This form saw him grow dramatically in size by making his muscles grow much larger. As such, he could hit much harder and faster and his enemies had trouble keeping up with him, as seen when this form debuted during the fight against Donquixote Doflamingo.

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Nika Luffy retains the power to inflate his muscles in Gear Fifth and he can now do this seemingly without even pumping air into his body. This was seen when Luffy tossed Kaido around on the roof of Onigashima and he did this by inflating his body with air without biting into his forearm. Now, Luffy is much stronger than ever and he can also do what he did in Gear Fourth on a much larger scale, making him more powerful than ever.

Advanced Freedom

The true power of the Nika fruit is that it grants the user limitless freedom and allows them to fight however they want. In Gear 5th, which is the awakened form of this Devil Fruit, Luffy gains tremendous freedom that far surpasses what he had prior to this form. Now, Luffy can fight to the best of his abilities without being limited by anything at all. This was something that Kaido noticed himself while clashing against the straw hat pirate. According to him, Luffy's powers looked as if they were taken directly from a comic strip. Things such as running in the air and even grabbing lightning from the sky were made possible thanks to Gear 5th. Luffy's freedom in this form is limitless and that is what makes him truly ferocious.

Power Bound By Creativity

Nika Luffy has no limitations other than his very own creativity. In essence, he can do anything that he can imagine in battle. For instance, in the fight against Kaido, Luffy managed to run in mid-air by imagining it and, thus, pulling it off, leaving fire tracks behind as if from a comic strip. Later on, in the fight against Rob Lucci, Luffy managed to create goggles out of his own hair, which should be impossible, however, since he can imagine that, he can also pull it off.

This Devil Fruit is rightfully known as the most ridiculous power to ever exist, simply because it is very dangerous in the possession of people such as Luffy, who have extremely high creativity. In the future, fans will most certainly see even more ridiculous things being pulled off with this Devil Fruit as they have surely only seen the tip of the iceberg from him so far.

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