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Check Out This Pristine And Mostly Original 1931 Ford Model A Barn Find

HotCars 12/7/2022 Cody Colella
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Chris from the YouTube channel The Daily Dad speaks to the owner of a 1931 Ford Model A Roadster, a barn find that still gets driven and enjoyed. In addition to the classic Ford, Chris talks to him about his collection of vintage motorcycles as well as his history of being a lifelong car enthusiast.

Check out the YouTube video to learn more about this historic vehicle that holds the title of being one of the first mass-produced vehicles ever made.

1931 Ford Model A Roadster Barn Find

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Before talking about the Model A, Chris takes a look at a 1971 Honda minibike that sat in a barn for 25 years. The owner plans to fully restore it and allow his grandkids to ride it, giving the classic mini bike a second chance at life after originally getting purchased in Japan, a unique aspect of the classic bike.


The owner of the minibike also has a 1953 Cushman Springer Eagle which he rode regularly many years ago. He lost interest in the bike after getting his first car and stored it in a shed at his parents' house, rediscovering it four decades later after the old shed it sat in caved in. He and his wife pulled it out, rebuilt it, and plan to eventually pass it on to his son.

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After checking out the bikes, they move on to the 1931 Ford Model A Roadster. The story goes that on a trip to Branson, Missouri with his wife, he recalled the Model A being for sale in a small town nearby and he expressed interest to the owner. It took two trips to get it back home but he's thankful that it worked out. He is only the third owner of the Model A after buying it from the second owner, the original owner's nephew.

A Mostly Original 1931 Ford

When the original owner passed away, the iconic Ford got parked in a barn for some time before the nephew brought it back to life and enjoyed it for several years before simply deciding he had too many projects and put the Model A up for sale. He estimates that the Model A is about 90% original with the one major exception being the wheels currently on the vehicle which have gotten swapped out and are 2" smaller than the original ones. However, the owner feels the smaller wheels look better.

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The Model A has a four-cylinder inline engine which is original as well as the original transmission. The horn even still works which gets demonstrated in the video. Later, they take the Model A for a drive and the owner talks about his long history as a car enthusiast from a young age, enjoying the experience of owning many classic cars and sports cars over the years.

Interestingly, 1931 was the final model year for the Model A, a model run producing more than four million units over the vehicle's life cycle. To put into perspective how massive of a success the Model A was for Ford, those numbers put the Model A somewhere around double the amount of annual sales the popular Toyota Camry does today back in the late 1920s and 1930s.


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