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Importfest Canada 2018

Super Street Online logo Super Street Online 8/1/2018 Sam Du

This past weekend was my second time visiting Toronto for Importfest, and I can't help but notice there's something different when compared to other shows. There's no shortage of interesting builds and high horsepower 2JZ and RB26 engines on hand, just like the ones back home, but what's especially appealing is the amount of local love the show draws. Over ten thousand strong from all over Canada come out of the woodwork to show their support for Importfest every year.

a red car on display: Importfest Toronto 2018 Honda S2000© Sam Du Importfest Toronto 2018 Honda S2000

As you can imagine, Canada isn't blessed with warm 'n dry winters. Instead, the season is often so cold most guys don't bring their cars out of the garages at all until April or May. So when Importfest rolls around every July, people and their project cars aren't afraid—and indeed pretty eager—to make the journey to Toronto for this mega show.

a car parked inside Walter P. Chrysler Museum: Importfest Toronto 2018 Nissan Stagea© Sam Du Importfest Toronto 2018 Nissan Stagea

This year Importfest celebrated its 18th show, and truth be told that's longer than the events we're used to seeing, such as Wekfest, AutoCon, and Tuner Evolution. Importfest has commanded the North for almost two decades; they're made up of a group of OG guys, and their show has stood the test of time—something we have a lot of respect for.

a red car in a train station: Importfest Toronto 2018 Rwb Porsche© Sam Du Importfest Toronto 2018 Rwb Porsche

This year's event had plenty to see with 350 cars at Metro Toronto Convention Centre right in the heart of the city under the CN Tower. The show goes on for 11 hours (used to be 12), and to our surprise there's a constant flow of foot traffic all day. Can't stress enough how much love Canada has for its hometown event.

a car on display: Importfest Toronto 2018 Acura Nsx© Sam Du Importfest Toronto 2018 Acura Nsx

Some of the larger displays belonged to Acura of Canada, which showed off the new RDX but also JJ Dubec's (@doczilla12) Liberty Walk NSX, which debuted at SEMA last year and made the journey all the way from Vancouver. Other impressive booths included Vossen's and Nitto Tires', which featured some of the top vehicles of the show.

The following day we stopped by the one-year anniversary of Importfest's shop. We'll have more on that later this week, but for now, enjoy 130-plus photos from Canada's dopest car show.

Importfest Toronto 2018 Hondas© Sam Du Importfest Toronto 2018 Hondas

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