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Installing a Vintage Air SureFit System in a 1968 Camaro

HOT ROD logo HOT ROD 8/16/2018 Hot Rod Network Staff
001-vintage-air-surfit-installation-1968-Camaro© Hot Rod Network Staff 001-vintage-air-surfit-installation-1968-Camaro

Owning a classic Chevy muscle car sure has its benefits, especially when you go out in the garage, fire it up, and hit the open road. The thing is, you can wheel your car through every season regardless if it's blistering hot or freezing cold outside. But wouldn't it be a whole lot better if you had the extra comfort of a perfectly balanced climate control system? Regardless if you're running a factory stock driveline or a hopped-up mill with a supercharger or turbo setup, you can turn to the team at Vintage Air to help incorporate one of their well-engineered systems into your ride.

We met up with Peter Newell of Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts, who needed to add a climate control system to a '68 Camaro that was recently updated with a wicked twin-turbo small-block Chevy. Vintage Air offered a seamless solution with their Gen IV SureFit complete system engineered for the 1967-'68 Camaro. The cutting-edge system features fly-by-wire, fully electronic servo motor controls—eliminating the need for cables or routing of a capillary tube—as well as infinite blower fan speed adjustment and temperature air blending. Added features include a high-volume dehumidified defrost mode, the ability to utilize factory system controls with their patented electronic cable converters, and a separate high-capacity copper parallel-flow heat coil and aluminum plate-and-fin cooling coils for instant temperature adjustments.

The complete kit comes packed with everything you'll need to take on the conversion, including all the related components like the evaporator, compressor, engine brackets, condenser, drier, hoses, lines, ductwork, wiring harness, templates, and detailed instructions. We eliminated the compressor from the SureFit kit since we already had a Vintage Air unit from when we added a Front Runner accessory drive to this engine a few months ago. Newell upgraded to Vintage Air's optional black-anodized Gen IV ProLine oval dash control panel featuring soft-white LED lighting in each knob. He also chose to upgrade to the chrome replacement vents packed with black-anodized ProLine Penta Louvers and chrome-plated ProLine oval center louvers.

Vintage Air offers a wide variety of ProLine control and louver options to give hot rodders the ability to tailor the look of the system to match virtually any interior.

To complete the installation and make sure there was plenty of cooling to support the modified V-8, Holley's Frostbite Performance Cooling four-row aluminum radiator and electric fan shroud package added flawless dependability. You can be sure this business office will maintain perfect temperatures throughout every seasonal change. CHP


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