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Rain? No Problem in an Open Top 1969 Camaro SS on the 2018 Power Tour. #HRPT18

HOT ROD logo HOT ROD 6/10/2018 Hot Rod Network Staff

We were watching a pair of bright red Edelbrock hats in the rear view mirror when it started to rain. Glancing back, we noticed the hats were in a bright yellow 1969 Camaro with the top down. It started to rain harder. At this point we were wondering when they would pull over, when they would give up. So it became a game. For miles in the pouring rain, we watched these Power Tour Long Haulers drive happily in a downpour, open top, with nothing but sunglasses and free hats to protect them.

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When we got out of the mountain pass, we tried to pull them over, and they still wouldn't stop. How big was their gas tank? Don't they stop for food and water? Eventually we used the Bondurant blocking maneuver in our Chevy Suburban to get their attention. They were still laughing, still smiling, this is what Power Tour does to people.

008-hot-rod-power-tour-camaro-grille.jpg © Hot Rod Network Staff 008-hot-rod-power-tour-camaro-grille.jpg

"If the water started to puddle on the floor, we might have done something about it," says passenger Mike Walker. "But it didn't and water dries up eventually." Both Mike and owner Jim Pinner were equally casual about driving a fairly valuable convertible Camaro SS around in the rain. They both agree a mostly stock four-speed Camaro is a great road car. Judging from the number of heavily modded Camaros we are seeing on the Tour, it's something most people forgot.

Mostly stock means a ZZ4 350-inch crate engine, a GM clutch, and a Muncie four-speed. When Jim bought the car from a friend last year, he added these touches, some gauges, then told his wife he was going on Power Tour with Mike. "What kind of trouble could we possibly get in?" With that, they started it up and drove away.

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