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Restoring an Original Fuel Tank

HOT ROD logo HOT ROD 9/6/2018 Hot Rod Network Staff
1952-Ford-Fuel-System-01© Hot Rod Network Staff 1952-Ford-Fuel-System-01

Unfortunately, the stock tank was worse for wear and required a bit of elbow grease to get it to the state I would call acceptable. Naturally, like any tank that's sat for some time in an empty state, my tank developed the requisite surface rust and scale inside. This will need to be addressed before the tank is put to use, lest we want to ruin our new fuel system.


The other headache that came up as things were going back together was the fact that replacing the missing, stock filler neck turned out to be a bigger problem than anticipated as it wasn't a part being readily reproduced. While fabricating a new neck wouldn't be rocket science, I would still have to source a stock, twist-on style filler cap bung as I wanted to use a locking cap.

The last technicality we needed to overcome was the adaptation of the original early Ford six-bolt fuel level sender flange to a more modern five-bolt style. When we sent out the gauge cluster in the 1952 to Classic Instruments' Custom Shop, they shipped it back with their Deluxe Fuel Level Sender, which uses the standard five-bolt pattern.

With these minor problems in mind, we tore into the tank, restoring it from a rusty hulk to an OEM-appearing beauty. Back installed in the cab, it looks better than it probably ever did and will hopefully perform flawlessly for another 65 years! CT


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