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Someone Turned A Chevy Pickup Into Awesome Halo-Inspired Warthog logo 9/14/2018 Christopher Smith
a tractor in front of a car: Halo Warthog Replica © Halo Warthog Replica

It took five years to build this street-legal video game replica.

It’s not every day you see a real-life incarnation of something from a futuristic sci-fi video game. Granted, this insanely cool replica of the M12 recon vehicle—AKA the Warthog from the widely popular Halo game series—doesn’t use a futuristic hydrogen engine for power. It also doesn’t have fully independent off-road suspension, though that’s not because such tech hasn’t been invented yet. It’s because the backbone of this rig is a 1980’s full-size Chevy pickup, though admittedly there isn’t much of the original truck left.

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Who would build such a thing? Meet Bryant Havercamp a phone technician who lives in a rural part of Michigan. Aside from being a massive Halo fan, he’s also a talented engineer because he built this entire thing by himself over the course of five years. Yes, by himself—as in everything from the bodywork to the custom cage, interior, lights, and the powertrain, including a custom hydraulic steering system to help the big beast turn. To make it all happen, he even did a fair amount of CAD work. Clearly his skill exceeds that of a typical phone tech.

a truck driving down a dirt road: Halo Warthog Replica

Halo Warthog Replica

The gauges and digital readouts all function properly, not to mention the rearview camera. As for the trademark Warthog tusks on the front, Havercamp fabricated those over the course of two weeks though no small about of welding, grinding, and welding some more. He also built the Warthog’s 350 cubic-inch Chevy V8 engine, which sadly runs on plain-old gasoline. And yes, it’s street legal with the required mirrors, lights, and turn signals all present and accounted for.

At least, it’s street legal in rural Michigan where custom off-roaders aren’t entirely unfamiliar to people. We’re not sure how the authorities would feel if Havercamp hammered the Warthog down Lakeshore Drive in Chicago, but he said he gets all kinds of positive attention wherever he goes. We can’t imagine why.

As far as builds go, this one is pretty darned awesome. Who says gamers are lazy and lack motivation?

Source: Barcroft Cars via YouTube


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