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The 25 Greatest Car Designers of All Time

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The 25 Greatest Car Designers of All Time

When the editors of AUTOMOBILE proposed that I name the 25 greatest car designers of all time, it seemed like a rather simple task. But after the first few obvious names, it became apparent that selecting just a couple dozen people from the thousands who have practiced the craft over the past hundred-plus years was impossible. Bear in mind that few of them are or were individual practitioners. For the most part, when you name chief designers, you are in fact referring to quite large teams of talented and skilled people, many of whom worked at various times for two or more of the major groups.

So this is not—cannot be—an exhaustive list. Rather it names designers whose work was highly influential on the industry or has been highly impressive to me personally. I learned from all of them, and I have had the fortune to encounter many of them during my 60-plus years in automobile design.

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