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Where To Find All Of The Treasures During The Lost Treasure In God Of War: Ragnarok

TheGamer 2/8/2023 Chris Hinton
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  • Travel To Alberich Hollow
  • Alberich Hollow
  • Defeat Ormstunga
  • Finding The Treasure
  • The Beach Near Alberich Island
  • Alberich Island

In God of War Ragnarok, there are various quests or favors that can be activated simply by speaking with the spirits of the departed, much like in God of War (2018). One such spirit is located on Dragon Beach in Svartalfheim. You must have the Draupnir spear in order to climb the wooden structure on the beach and find the spirit at the top.


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The spirit will tell you that in life, he and his son sought after treasure. In order to spare his son from the dangers of this world, he went after a portion of the treasure alone and was killed. He asks that you find the second half of the treasure in the hope that you will learn his son's fate.

Travel To Alberich Hollow

The ultimate goal isn't too far from where you found the spirit. Simply swing to the wooden bridge across from the landing where the spirit is located. Once on the bridge, you'll find a chest close by. As you head down the length of the bridge, you'll come across a rune slate that you must dissipate.

After crossing the bridge, veer left into the passageway that is Alberich Hollow. At the start of the entrance, there is some hacksilver next to a corpse that you can pick up to the left.

Alberich Hollow

Inside the hollow, you'll find that there are a few enemies to defeat. After eliminating the initial threat, you can pick up bombs from a container on the left. Use one to destroy the gold rocks around a nearby chest. Use the second to destroy the gold rocks blocking further travel into the hollow.

Almost immediately after you clear a path, there will be another group of enemies that you must eliminate.

A Nokken will be buffing these enemies so be sure to target this creature from the get-go. At first, it may be difficult to locate the critter - notice the large rock pillar in the middle of the pathway with a gold rock cluster on its left side. Quickly grab a bomb and destroy that cluster to reveal the Nokken's hiding spot.

After all the enemies are eliminated, there will be another rock cluster to clear with a bomb. Behind this rock cluster is a rather difficult mini-boss, so prepare yourself.

Defeat Ormstunga

Don't let the size and stature of Ormstunga fool you. This mini-boss's most powerful trait is its ability to quickly evade Kratos. Here are a few important tidbits of information to know about Ormstunga.

  • It will rush you and unleash a combination of heavy-hitting slashes.
  • After taking a few hits, Ormstunga will often jump backward and evade your reach.
  • Sometimes when backing away from your attacks it will vomit some projectile acid in a sweeping motion. The best maneuver to evade this is to dodge backward out of harm's way.
  • It will also unleash quick leaping spin attacks that are difficult to predict.

Parrying becomes particularly important as Ormstunga rushes you. When it comes to melee slashes, the beast does has a decent amount of windup, so you should have a second warning if you're not entirely quick on your feet with the parrying mechanism.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you can spam him with bomb-tossing attacks. In battle, they do not respawn. Still, you can make use of them in certain moments for a quick and powerful attack. This is not recommended, though, as this boss is difficult to target.

The Draupnir spear can be mighty helpful in this fight. If you can land several spear throws on the creature, detonating them will simultaneously damage and stun it enabling you to rush in for further damage. But that's only if you're quick on your feet and have good aim. This beast will be moving fast.

Of course, the Blades of Chaos offer larger sweeping attacks for those who find difficulty pinning this critter down. Though, each strike isn't as effective from a damage perspective. As always, make use of your ally's arrows. This will open Ormstunga to further attack.

Defeating Ormstunga will net you the Emblem of Elusion amulet enchantment.

Finding The Treasure

Pressing onward, you will find a ledge to your left with a realm tear where you can collect one of the Lindwyrms. Then, drop back down, grab a bomb, and then return to the ledge where you can toss it at another blockade of golden rocks.

Jump back down off the ledge, lift the stone in the middle of your continuing pathway, and you will find a chest containing a Folkvangr Whetstone and 5,000 hacksilver. Afterward, head to the cliff next to the chest, kick down the chain, and grab the boat on the beach.

The Beach Near Alberich Island

You'll find that the next mission marker takes you directly North to the beach next to Alberich Island. On this beach are a few minor enemies and a Berserker Gravestone.

Once the enemies are cleared, toss a spear into the North rock wall and climb up. At the top of the ledge, you'll find the spirit of the treasure seeker's son. Speak to him.

Head down the pathway immediately to the spirit's right. Then, on the left, you will see green stones that can be destroyed using sonic arrows.

At the end of this path, you will see that there is a rock that appears to be blocking a geyser. Throw your spear at the rock and detonate it to release the pressure. This will raise swinging points for you to utilize in jumping over to Alberich Island.

Alberich Island

Upon leaping to the first platform near Alberich Island, there will be a realm tear with another Nidhogg baby you can collect. Then jump over to the actual island. Immediately on your right will be a rock that can be destroyed with the Draupnir spear. Remove it.

Then head around to the end of the path and pull the chain mechanism to reveal a geyser. Throw your Leviathan Axe at the newly exposed gear thanks to the destroyed rock. Then, fire a purple sigil arrow at the gear, remove your axe and then use it to freeze the geyser.

This enables you to swing over to a lift. Recall your axe to ascend. You will fight a few enemies at the top. Grapple over to the first available cliff, then again to the second ledge to find the last of the treasures - the Jewel of Yggdrasil.

Take note that there are several other side objectives to collect between the beach and Alberich Island. Aside from the Lyndwrym realm tear, there is a treasure map, another treasure chest, and two of Odin's ravens to take down. So, be sure to use your time efficiently, and collect everything while you're here.

To complete this favor quest line, return to the spirit of the father on Dragon Beach to inform him of the death of his son.

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