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Just Try To Take Your Eyes Off This Stunning Custom Ducati

RideApart logo RideApart 12/2/2019 Janaki Jitchotvisut
a motorcycle with a chain around its neck: LL Motorcycles Custom Ducati 750SS Scrambler

Trellis frame and an L-twin: two bits.


If one of your favorite things in the world is a beautifully exposed Ducati trellis frame, you’re going to absolutely love what Polish custom builder LL Motorcycles has done to this 750SS. In building a special Scrambler project for a client, LL basically threw out everything but that oh-so-promising frame and the L-twin engine. The result is crisp, purposeful, and looks every bit the business.

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I keep trying to pay attention to the many and various other bits on this bike that require my attention, but my eye is constantly and consistently drawn to that tank. The overall shape, when coupled with that coppery brown paint that I’m sure looks even better in person than in photos, simply won’t let my eyes rest. Look at how it gleams! It almost seems to breathe, which you’d think might be creepy, but is actually kind of cool. 

a bicycle is parked next to a motorcycle: LL Motorcycles Custom Ducati 750SS Scrambler© LL Motorcycles Custom Ducati 750SS Scrambler

Anyway, Pipeburn spoke to Adrian Lilla, the mastermind behind both LL Motorcycles and this build. One very important thing he mentioned was that the client wanted it to not merely look like a scrambler, but to actually be a functional scrambler. Obviously, that meant the stock wheels and rubber needed a change—and why not also create a custom exhaust system that spits everything out up high, under-seat-style, while you’re at it? 

Why not, indeed. On went a set of spoked rims, with a 17-incher up front and a wider 19-incher in the rear, both wrapped in far more appropriate rubber. Lilla also installed a custom exhaust that said “screams” to Pipeburn, along with an option for dB killers that the new owner can make use of if, you know, they feel like being kind to their neighbors.

If you, unlike me, can pull your eyes away from that color-shifting tank as you flick through these photos, you’ll note a number of eye-catching details. Check out Pipeburn’sfull interview with Lilla to learn all the details of this particular build.

Photos: LL Motorcycles on Facebook

Sources: Facebook, Pipeburn


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