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A 1980 Ford Bronco with an inline-six might outlive today's new cars

Hemmings logo Hemmings 5/27/2022 Mike Austin

Yes, old cars and trucks were simpler. They were also loud, slow, full of rattles, and tended to rust. But take care of that last item and that simplicity yields one aspect of old vehicles that most new cars can't match: longevity. The good old stuff was uncomplicated, overbuilt, and understressed. Before computer-optimized design perfected structures to be exactly as strong as they needed to be, when raw materials were cheap, and when any part wearing out would forever tarnish a brand's reputation, the primary object of quality automotive (and especially truck) engineering was to make it last.

The inline-six engine in this 1980 Ford Bronco up for bids on Hemmings Auctions is one such design (and, arguably, so is the Bronco that it motivates). We can't make any promises about any Hemmings marketplace listing, of course, but in concept Ford's iron-block workhorse is not one to let you down. Nor will many other heavy-duty inline sixes, for that matter. And, going back to that earlier thing about old cars, this particular Bronco has a fresh coat of paint and a clean-looking underbody. Keep it away from salt, and you could be driving it as long as you can still buy gasoline. From the auction listing:

"This 1980 Ford Bronco appears smooth and shiny with its fresh repaint, but underneath the sparkle is a rugged Bronco that was built “Ford tough” for buyers who actually drove off-road. This Bronco was delivered sans power options (except power steering) and motivated by a gutsy inline six-cylinder engine mated to a four-speed manual transmission with a super low first gear. Old-school manual locking hubs mean getting out of the cab to engage four-wheel drive. The seller is providing two sets of new tires including some aggressive “mudders” that should help its new owner traverse those “less traveled” roads that this truck was built for."

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