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GoAuto Insurance Review: Is It For You?

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Take a look at our GoAuto Insurance review to see whether this company is worth your while.

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GoAuto Insurance is all about providing cheap coverage. But what do you really get for your money? Today, we'll look at what the company offers in terms of coverage and pricing, and we’ll also look at some GoAuto Insurance reviews to see what customers think.

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In this article:

  • GoAuto Insurance Overview
  • GoAuto Car Insurance Coverage
  • GoAuto Insurance Affordability
  • Getting A Quote And Filing A Claim
  • GoAuto Insurance Reviews
  • The Verdict: Is GoAuto Car Insurance Good?
  • Our Top Picks For Auto Insurance

GoAuto Insurance Overview

GoAuto Insurance offers simple car insurance plans in Louisiana, Ohio, and Nevada. The company is based in Baton Rouge, LA, and it has its largest presence in Louisiana.

According to the Louisiana Department of Insurance, GoAuto Insurance wrote about $1.65M in premiums in 2018. That made it the seventh largest provider in the state, behind household names like State Farm and Geico. Here are a few pros and cons about the company:


  • Online quote system
  • Physical locations where policyholders can pay with cash


  • High complaint ratio
  • No financial scores from industry rating services

Unfortunately, GoAuto stands out because of its complaints and negative reviews. We'll dive deeper into GoAuto Insurance reviews later on, but we also want to point out here that the company gets a lot of negative reviews by former employees. On sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, people talk about how management favors hiring friends or family members and how it’s like a revolving door with the amount of employee turnover.

Lack Of Financial Reputation

A number of rating companies keep watch on the car insurance industry. These include AM Best and others. Unfortunately, GoAuto Insurance isn’t large enough to make an impression on those industry websites. The company does underwrite its own car insurance plans, which is good to know, and it’s listed on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website. But there aren’t any industry reports on GoAuto.

GoAuto Car Insurance Coverage

With GoAuto Insurance, you can get basic car insurance to cover yourself and other drivers in different types of accidents.

Coverage for others: Bodily injury and property damage liability cover medical bills and vehicle repairs for other drivers in accidents that you cause. These are required in all three states where GoAuto operates.

Coverage for you: Medical payments (MedPay) can cover a portion of your medical bills. Personal injury protection (PIP) covers medical bills, funeral costs, and lost wages no matter who was at fault. Collision coverage pays for repairs to your car no matter the fault. Comprehensive coverage pays for environmental damage and vandalism/theft. Lastly, uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) covers your medical bills and repairs if you get hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Full coverage is a combination of liability plus collision and comprehensive options, and GoAuto offers all of those.

GoAuto Insurance doesn't have many bells and whistles like roadside assistance, rideshare coverage, or gap insurance. However, you may be able to get a few extra options depending on your state. We pulled a test quote for Louisiana and saw that we could add an option for towing coverage and also car rental coverage.

Lastly, car insurance is the only thing that GoAuto offers. You can’t get renters, homeowners, or anything else from the company.

GoAuto Insurance Affordability

GoAuto Insurance’s slogan is “Low-Cost Car Insurance.” The company doesn't provide any specific pricing online, and we couldn't find any customer reviews that spoke about the price. The marketing from GoAuto claims that its insurance plans are cheap because the sales staff doesn't work on commission, and it doesn’t offer expensive add-ons.

We pulled a test quote for GoAuto and will share it here. Keep in mind that you may see very different prices since quotes are influenced by your age, the population density of your area, the type of car you drive, your driving history, and more. Here’s the driver profile we used:

  • 40-year-old male
  • No accident record
  • Owner of 2015 Toyota Camry
  • Lived in a populated area near New Orleans

And here are the prices we received for a six-month period:

  • Minimum coverage paid in full: $859
  • Minimum coverage paid monthly: $161 monthly, $967 total
  • Full coverage paid in full: $1,736
  • Full coverage paid monthly: $319 monthly, $1,916 total

Louisiana car insurance has expensive average rates in general, and rates are highest in populated areas. The quote we pulled is about average for the greater New Orleans area. You can see that it’s cheaper to pay for your policy in full rather than break it into payments. This is true for many providers.

Discounts From GoAuto

The GoAuto Insurance website doesn’t list any specific discounts. We did notice that the quote gave our driver discounts for anti-lock brakes, good driving history, and an anti-theft device. We’d also expect you can get a discount for insuring multiple cars, but we can’t confirm this.

How To Pay Your GoAuto Car Insurance Bill

You can pay GoAuto Insurance online by clicking on “Make a Payment.” Or, you can visit a GoAuto car insurance office location and pay in person.

Getting A Quote And Filing A Claim

In our test, it was pretty easy to get a quote and purchase a GoAuto car insurance policy. To complete a quote online, you’ll need to input personal contact information, describe your vehicle and driving history, and add any other drivers in your household.

At the final screen, you can see exactly what each piece of coverage costs, and you can also go back and edit your information. You also have the option of calling an office to get a quote or even visiting an office in person to talk with a sales agent.

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GoAuto’s website makes it easy to report a claim by entering details into a form. Unfortunately, GoAuto doesn’t have an app to report claims or view your insurance card. Also, not all customers are happy with GoAuto’s claims process, as you’ll see in a moment.

GoAuto Insurance Reviews

GoAuto Insurance has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, it also has a number of negative reviews and complaints. According to the Louisiana Department of Insurance, GoAuto had a complaint index of 1.88 in 2018. That’s not good.

The complaint index measures the number of complaints against the total amount of written premiums. A score of 1 is average, below 1 is better, and above 1 is worse. Basically, GoAuto Insurance has more complaints relative to its size than other providers in Louisiana.

Here are some GoAuto Insurance review examples from the company’s BBB page:

“My daughter was hit by an individual that has GoAuto Insurance... I stated I needed to get a rental car as soon as possible so my daughter could get to work. The claim representative told me it could be days before they could authorize a rental car because they had to look into the claim This person was not very ‘customer-friendly’ on the phone and I thought she was quite rude.”

-Joey via BBB

“When I canceled [they] charged me an early termination fee. [I] wasn't ever informed of any early [termination] fees... I just got [their] insurance on dealer recommendation and knew I was going to cancel it after further research for cheaper insurance. I found cheaper and better insurance. Lesson learned, do research before you buy insurance.”

-Jean via BBB

“I need to purchase a new car but I can't proceed because my old car hasn't been paid off yet. I'm so disappointed in the way [GoAuto] is handling my claim. This accident has really disrupted my life and it wasn't even my fault.”

-Alana via BBB

The Verdict: Is GoAuto Car Insurance Good?

If you’re just looking for basic coverage, GoAuto Insurance could be a good option. However, we would only recommend choosing it if it’s cheaper than all your other options. We think the high complaint ratio is something to be concerned about. If you can find a plan from a reputable provider that is around the same price, that could be a better option.

Our Top Picks For Auto Insurance

So, how will you know if you're getting the best price? By getting multiple quotes. In Louisiana, Nevada, and Ohio, you have a huge number of options. You might be able to think of a few other car insurance companies off the top of your head, but there are literally hundreds of choices.

  Use Motor1's free tool to get matched with the best auto insurance providers and rates.         COMPARE QUOTES      

The good news is that you don't have to get a hundred insurance quotes. We've ranked dozens of the best companies on things like price, availability, customer service, and coverage. At the end of the day, a handful of companies rose above the rest as the best car insurance companies on the market, including USAA and State Farm.

USAA: 5 Stars

If you qualify for USAA, this company should definitely be your first choice. Typically, coverage is so inexpensive that it beats out other cheap providers, but the company doesn't compromise on customer service, either.

To get USAA, you have to be an active or former member of the military, or you have to be an immediate family member of someone who has had a USAA auto or home policy.

USAA received five power circles on J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study and Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. That score means customers have rated the company among the best for its shopping experience and claims service. USAA has a financial rating of A++ from AM Best, as well.

Coverage options from USAA include: 

  • Standard coverages
  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Rideshare coverage

We rated USAA “Best for Military” since it has a number of helpful tools for service members. Plus, it offers deep discounts for garaging a vehicle on base or storing a vehicle during deployment. Some other discounts from USAA include a safe driver discount, good student discount, and multi-vehicle discount – which is much more than you’ll find with GoAuto Insurance.

State Farm: 4.5 Stars

State Farm is another great company to get a quote from. State Farm also has a financial rating of A++ from AM Best, but it performed about average on both of the J.D. Power customer satisfaction surveys mentioned above.

Coverage from State Farm might be a little bit more expensive than USAA, but it still tends to be one of the cheaper options on the market. You can get standard coverage, plus these extras from State Farm:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Car rental and travel expense
  • Rental deductible
  • Drive Safe & Save app for usage-based discounts
  • Steer Clear app for young driver education and discounts
  • Pocket Estimator app to estimate repairs on a vehicle

State Farm has the best student discount in the industry that we have found – good students can get up to 20 percent off their policy. More discounts include good driver discounts, claim-free discounts, and multi-policy discounts.

  Use Motor1's free tool to get matched with the best auto insurance providers and rates.         COMPARE QUOTES      

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