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Here’s Why BMW Boss Is Encouraging You To Keep Your Older Cars Instead Of Buying New

HotCars 12/2/2022 Rehan Conyers
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According to BMW's sustainability lead, owners should hang on to their current cars instead of buying new ones - and this definitely gets us thinking that it might be a wise idea. Monika Dernai further revealed to an audience in London that, by doing this, the automotive industry can reduce waste drastically.


Perhaps even upgrading the used cars with new parts could be a better idea than selling them off for new ones. Dernai was found discussing the same while at a panel discussion on the subject of coming up with a circular economy.

The basic idea was to encourage everyone to reuse and recycle everything, as far as possible, so it could result in minimal waste. We look at what she's specifically on about keeping old cars, and more aptly, BMW cars.

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BMW Boss Is Encouraging You To Keep Your Older Cars Instead Of Buying New

The whole idea of BMW boss encouraging you to keep your used cars instead of buying new ones is to understand that, the cars we currently own already have long lifespans and do not need to be sold off to be replaced with the latest models.

This has nothing to do with buying used cars, of course. What Dernai means to say is, we need to keep the cars we have, running for much longer periods, which is something most car buyers don't do, replacing their old ones with new models within 5 years.

She further suggests sprucing up the car to give it a fresher interior and may be, even the exterior. According to Dernai, the automotive industry needs to bring ideas, particularly in the aftermarket space, to see what best can be done, like removing an old seat and replacing it with a new one, she states, as an example.

The BMW model remains with the owner, without being sold, but instead, is given a fresher lease of life. This makes it a used car that's been updated to look like new.

However, while this may be an idea, the market needs to think alike too, because a majority of buyers around the world still prefer buying new cars. She even hinted at making a transition to public transport, but this is not going to be possible, because, for those who can afford running a car independently, public transport is not even an option.

Prohibiting Cars In Cities Is Not Practical

Geoff Mulgan, professor of collective intelligence, public policy, and social innovation at University College London, talked about how cars are not allowed in Freiburg, Germany, where people either walk, cycle, or use public transport. However, the concept doesn't seem applicable to every part of the globe.

Her opinion is likely to get a lot of industrials, and the public, scoffing at her idea. Although it may sound like a sustainability-friendly concept, it's certainly not half as practical.

Indeed, America is a place where people love restoring and transforming their cars, but most of these cannot be daily driven, hence the 'habit' of buying a used or new car isn't dying out anywhere soon in the future. It would be interesting to see if she has supporters in the industry.

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How To Keep Your Current Car Running Well

We're going to do our bit in supporting her by giving you tips on how to keep your car running for many years together. While new car prices continue heading north, it is genuinely a good idea to keep your current car running well to avoid paying so much for a new one - and since loans still might be an issue for some buyers, it makes even more sense to save up, and buy a used one instead. Here's how you keep your car in shape.

Ensure that components are replaced on time, otherwise, it'll lead to wear and tear. While most of the car can soldier on for years, certain parts need scheduled replacement. Neglecting could lead to other parts of the car getting damaged, causing further investigation and repair.

Drive your car with care, so it lasts for decades together. Your style of driving reflects on often your car goes for a service/repair. If you happen to own a very old car, you might want to double-check your driving habits.

Regular maintenance is the key to a happy ownership experience because as the car starts aging, it's important to keep pace with your visits to the service center.

Get your car warranty to cover repair costs, because the older your car is, the more likely your vehicle will give up on you, needing immediate repairs. Sometimes, repairs to older cars can cost more, so it's important you buy extended car warranties that help you cover those high costs.

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