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Here’s What A 1981 Ford Escort Costs Today

HotCars logo HotCars 5/17/2022 Sebastian Jaramillo Tamayo
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In the automotive market, there are options that allow you to easily adjust and get what you want out of each vehicle. Some people like speed, others may like comfort, space, reliability, or sometimes just the cheapest and easiest to maintain.


For many people, a car is just a luxury, but there are contexts where a car is a totally necessary tool, especially if we talk about the United States, where the destinations are so far apart and public transport is not as efficient as in other parts of the world.

In 1981, Ford released the new Ford escort as the direct successor to the Ford Pinto. A car that was sold from 1981 to 2003, and it was not a luxury car, not intended for speed or anything like that. This was a car made for daily work that was reliable and cheap to maintain. A car that is perfect for any social class, especially for the middle one.

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Specifications And Features Of The 1981 Ford Escort

The 1981 Ford Escort is a 3-door hatchback body-type car with a 4-speed manual gearbox, or there is an automatic version with a 3-speed gearbox. With a 1.6L engine that advertises power of 66hp and 85 ft-lbs, it has a top speed of 94 mph. It made 0-60 mph in 14.1 s and, overall, is a light car with a weight of 901 kg.

It may not be the fastest car or the most beautiful one, but there is a characteristic that made this car so popular during the '80s: its reliability. There are only good reviews on the internet about this car. It’s a really strong vehicle, with considerably low fuel consumption, and basically, it can take you anywhere without a problem.

It was the first front-wheel-drive car produced by Ford, a change that followed the rest of the brands that were producing cars this way. The tire size was 145SR13, with disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. It has a fuel economy of about 37.3 mpg-US.

The Impact Of The Ford Escort On The Market

The 1980s didn’t start well for the North American company. Ford reported losses of up to 1.5 billion dollars, making it a record loss for the company for the year. In the American market, sales fell by 33%, and in the international market, the impact was also bad.

With all the economic problems that Ford faced in 1980, the company decided to bet on a vehicle that would replace the Ford Pinto, and they came up with the Escort. The idea was to build a global vehicle that could be used in every corner of the world. With an accessible price and many benefits of a reliable and cheap car,

In the year of its debut, the Ford Escort cost about $5000. This makes it a viable option for college students, middle-class families, and even as a secondary vehicle for others. This car helped the company survive that big crisis that hit the year before.

The success of the Ford escort was not only reflected in the US market. In Europe, the car was well-received, although the competition in this type of car segment that the escort occupies was complex because there were other cars with more trajectory that offered similar characteristics. Ford managed to put the escort on the market at a high price, and we still see this car often in the streets.

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Why Is the 1981 Ford Escort Still Popular Today?

Throughout history, there have been some cars that stand out from others, cars that people remember fondly. On the other hand, there are cars that may go unnoticed, cars that fulfilled their objective in their time, but with the constant change in the industry, they may be left behind. In my opinion, the Ford Escort can fit in the middle of these two descriptions.

The Ford Escort of 1981 was the beginning of a line of cars that had a big impact on society. Not only because it helped Ford to an outcome in that big crisis in the 80s, but because inadvertently, this car stood silently in the streets. It was not the most important car, not the favorite, but in the way people liked it.

This car was a perfect balance between price and benefits, and over the years, people usually saw the opportunity and without having an escort as their first option, they ended up having one. From what you can read on the internet in blogs and opinion websites, the car has a lot of acceptance and the ones that had the opportunity to buy one are not regretting it. This car can be found for sale for about $5000 or more, but it's kind of difficult to find.

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