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Lance Kerwin cause of Death: ‘Salem's Lot' actor Lance Kerwin dies at 62

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 Doctors have conducted an autopsy to determine Lance Kerwin cause of death. His death is mysterious as there is no confirmed news. A erstwhile child star, Lance Kerwin played a role of vampire hunter in miniseries called "Salem's Lot". It was based on Stephen King's novel "Salem's Lot". He left the world at the age of 62. Lance Kerwin death saddened fans.

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What Is Lance Kerwin Cause of Death?

Lance Kerwin’s family confirmed his passing, but nobody knows Lance Kerwin cause of death. Daughter Savanah turned to her Facebook account on 25th January and announced her father’s demise. Although, there is no official announcement regarding Lance Kerwin’s cause of death.


His family revealed that doctors had conducted Mr. Kerwin’s autopsy. He died on 25th January 2023. Still, there is no confirmed news regarding the cause of his death. Besides, his ardent fans are extremely miserable because they want to know "Salem's lot" actors' cause of death. The report of the autopsy is not out yet. His daughter wrote:

"I am so sorry to those we have not been able to reach out to personally to notify, but Lance Kerwin passed away yesterday morning. We appreciate all the kind words, memories, and prayers you have shared… He loved every one of you."

Additionally, Lance Kerwin was suffering from multiple health issues. His health was deteriorating. At the time of the death newsbreak, his family was unaware of Lance Kerwin’s cause of death.

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GOFundMe Campaign

During Covid=19, Mr. Kerwin suffered a back injury and other ailments. In June 2021, his friend initiated a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for his treatment. However, Lance thanked his fans by writing a heart-melting note after posting a GoFundMe campaign.

He said he was unsure whether he would be able to raise funds, but he couldn't stop thinking about how blessed he was! In addition, he showed his gratitude and love for his best friends, who never left him alone. Further, Lance Kerwin revealed that some of his fans later became his good friends in real life. He is indebted to each person who took some time to watch his shows. Salem Lot’s star called his fans "Friends." Ardent fans’ presence made his life blissful!

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Lance Kerwin: Salem's Lot Actor

Mr. Kerwin played the role of Mark Petrie in Salem's Lot. It is one of the most iconic roles that has ever been played. Salem's Lot is an adaptation of Stephen King's novel. He has performed some fantastic roles, but no role can be compared with Mark Petrie’s character in Salem's Lot.

Furthermore, the storyline of the movie is highly captivating. The character of Mark Petrie is not just a character behind the screen. It shares the viewpoint of the audience. Stephen King shaped this novel so beautifully that it (the novel) depicts Stephen's thoughts, but the beholder gets tricked into deception and considers the characters' thoughts its own. It is included in the classics for a reason. Every character gave a top-notch performance in this series.

The Star of James at 15

Lance Kerwin, at the age of 16, starred in a drama series, "James at 15," in 1977. It appeared on NBC during the year. Mr. Kerwin played a role of an emerging photographer, James Hunter. The show consisted of 21 episodes that depicted James as an adventurous spirit. James, with his family, shifted to Boston from Oregon. He was the most demanding star of that period. The protagonist's role in "James at 16" accelerated his fame.

Moreover, the show sheds light on important themes such as sex, pregnancy, and alcohol addiction. Lance Kerwin suddenly became everyone's favorite after working on a series with strong themes. He was the most successful and loved actor of his time. Sadly, today his fans and family are trying to find out Lance Kerwin’s cause of death.

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From A Vampire Hunter To A Pastor

Lance Kerwin quitted acting career in the ‘90s. However, after more than two decades, he appeared in the Hawaiian historical drama film "The Wind & the Reckoning" in 2022. Furthermore, the news circulated that Lance Kerwin works as a Pastor at Calvary Chapel in Kapaa, Hawaii. In addition, he was working as the program leader in a rehabilitation center to help people get rid of alcohol and drugs.

Stay connected to know Lance Kerwin’s cause of death.


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