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From dirty to clean in 2 minutes

A massive truck cleaned in just 2 minutes. Ever wonder how really big trucks get cleaned after a dirty day at the office? Interclean Equipment, LLC specializes in large vehicle cleaning. They build large washing systems for vehicles ranging from pickups to 440-ton mining haulers. The spinning high-pressured water system is completely touchless, and Interclean claims that its system can wash 35 garbage trucks an hour. The system also recycles water to eliminate waste. It can even remove paint oxidation and corrosion from vehicles. Interclean Equipment, LLC specializes in cleaning large vehicles. The Interclean washing systems are completely touchless and are capable of cleaning a wide range of large vehicles, from pickup trucks to 440-ton mining haulers. Interclean says that their system can clean 35 garbage trucks in one hour. Learn more at




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