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Nissan Is Using Victorian Technology To Make Its Cars Safer

According to TechRadar, Nissan has announced it’s developed a concept which uses a nineteenth century technology to solve the thoroughly modern problem of drivers using smartphones behind the wheel. The idea involves fitting a compartment into the armrest of a Nissan Juke vehicle which essentially acts as a Faraday cage. Once a device is placed in the armrest, it would block all phone, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals and the idea is that as there would be no distracting alerts and push notifications coming to the phone drivers will be less tempted to pick the phone up while behind the wheel. This is, of course, a choice; drivers will be able to choose whether or not they put their phone into the compartment and they’ll also have the choice to take it out again. Its effectiveness really depends on how self-aware a driver is and whether they think such a step would be necessary for them.


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