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Trump To Name China As Competitor

What Are Some Of The Most Iconic Mountains?

Every mountain on Earth is a marvel of nature, tectonics, and time, but there's not denying that some of the planet's highest structures are more iconic than others. After a 1979 ascent, climbing legend Reinhold Messner declared the 8,000-meter Karakoram Range the "Mountain of Mountains." Only about 300 alpinists have ever made their way to its K2 summit. Another stunner is Mount Fuji, which resides just about 100 kilometers outside of Tokyo. It's Japan's highest peak and it's one of the world's most scaled mountains. There's a local proverb that states, "He who climbs Mount Fuji once is a wise man. He who climbs it twice is a fool." Other sites to be seen include Mount Kilamanjaro in Tanzania, The Matterhorn in the Swiss/Italian Alps, and Mount Olympus in Greece.
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