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Is Presley Gerber's New Tattoo Really All That Disconcerting?

The Blast logo The Blast 2/25/2020 Kaycee Wilson
a man wearing a pink shirt: Presley Gerber in a pink jacket © Provided by The Blast Presley Gerber in a pink jacket

Today, face tattoos are all the craze. From artists and performers such as Post Malone, Lil Xan, 21 Savage, and numerous others, the celebrities have slowly but surely started to normalize the placement of tattoos on the neck, chin, cheeks, and forehead. However, when twenty year old Presley Gerber took to social media to reveal his new face tattoo, a simple "MISUNDERSTOOD," placed just beneath his eye, his supermodel mother, Cindy Crawford, expressed her growing concern over her son's "troubled behavior."


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Cindy Crawford smiling for the camera © Gettyimages | John Wolfsohn

While the tattoo could certainly be of some concern to the well-known model and mother, at the end of the day, her concerns can't help but make one wonder if the tattoo is really all that disconcerting.

In no way is Presley Gerber the first to get inked on his skin a phrase or quote that is deemed controversial. Take Lil Xan for example, who has the phrase "memento mori" tattooed on his face, an expression that simply translates to being a reminder of death.

a person wearing a black hat © Gettyimages | Matthew Eisman

Naturally, people took to social media to express their thoughts on Lil Xan's contentious tattoo.

Yet, just as quickly as his tattoo was revealed, fans and others across social media quickly got over its surprise.

Still, Cindy Crawford conveyed her worry for her son and views his tattoo as being nothing other than his way of acting out, or "rebelling."

But, being the son of an internationally celebrated model, one can only begin to imagine the pressure Presley must constantly be under to succeed.

Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber posing for the camera: Three celebrities © Gettyimages | David M. Benett Three celebrities

Despite his own affluent career as a model, it goes without saying that Presley must be under plenty of pressure. Not only does he have to deal with the stress and pressure of the modeling business as a whole, but Presley must also struggle with the pressure of living up to his mother's extreme talent and success. But, it doesn't stop there. Presley's younger sister Kaia is also in the modeling business and alongside her, the pressure to make his family proud must only increase.

a person standing posing for the camera: Presley Gerber against a red backdrop in a black suit © Gettyimages | Victor Boyko Presley Gerber against a red backdrop in a black suit

Either Presley Gerber's new "MISUNDERSTOOD" tattoo is a true cry for help, or he is very simply striving to express himself. In a seemingly perfect world of photoshoots and red carpets, Presley could very well be hoping to show the world who he is - apart from what people assume of him based on his family's success.

At the end of the day, Presley's one word tattoo does very little to call for all of the concern and attention it's been recently given. Rather, it's a way for Presley to convey himself to the media in the way he deems fit.


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