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Fans Are Freaking Out Over Sydney Sweeney's Acceptance Speech At The MTV Awards

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Sydney Sweeney has quickly risen to fame after appearing in HBO's hit show, Euphoria, as Cassie Howard. Her character was quickly loved in the first season because fans felt how relatable she was. As the second season premiered her character had more of a rough time and became less of a fan favorite. Besides starring in Euphoria, Sweeney has had a lot of success in other roles as well.

Sydney Sweeney's Journey To Fame

Sydney Sweeney's acting career started back in 2009, and she has been working ever since. She has appeared in many films including, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood back in 2019. She has also starred in many popular television series like, Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, The White Lotus, and of course, Euphoria.

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Sweeney appears in Halsey's 2019 music video, for her song Graveyard as well. Sweeney has had her fair share of roles. Sweeney is not only loved for her acting but for her personality off-screen. She has opened up a lot about her own personal issues that fans can relate to.

She shared that she dealt with bullying in school, "I was getting horribly bullied in school because I mean, I had big boobs when I was little, and no one else really did."

She is also present in the public eye for her relationships and legal issues. Her relationship has been ridiculed by the public because of the age gap between her and her partner.

Sweeney is also being sued for over 4 million dollars by a company called the LA Collective, an online clothing store. It was reported that she agreed to promote their brand, signed a contract with them, but never followed through with promoting them. It is quite clear that anything that Sweeney does or happens to her is reported to the public for fans to know. This definitely comes along with her recent rise to fame.

Sydney Sweeney Won An MTV Award For Euphoria

In season two of Euphoria, fans see Sweeney's character, Cassie go through a lot of things. The main one is that she is sleeping with her best friend's boyfriend. A secret that weighed on her character an awful lot throughout the season. At the 2022 MTV Awards for Movies & TV, Euphoria won a lot of awards.

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Including, the Best Fight Award for Cassie and Maddy's fight in the season finale of the show. Sweeney's character had a lot of iconic quotes throughout the season and Sweeney references one during her acceptance speech. She chose one of the most popular quotes that actually went viral on Tik Tok while the season was airing. Alexa Demie wasn't at the award show, so Sweeney accepted it for the two of them.

After thanking the fans and saying she wishes Alexa was there, she said, "I have to be honest, Maddy might have gotten the last punch, but Cassie has never, ever been happier.” Referencing the quote she says to Maddy when she finally reveals she is sleeping with her best friend's boyfriend.

Of course, the crowd laughed at this, and it went viral online. It was quite literally the perfect time to quote her character.

Why Is Sydney Sweeney's Character Cassie So Iconic?

Sweeney's character is still beloved even with her downfall in the second season. Besides the wonderful acting, Euphoria, is known for its style and makeup. The characters have intricate makeup looks that symbolize what they are going through in each episode. One of Sweeney's most powerful scenes takes place in the first season when she has an ice skating number after her character, Cassie, goes through an abortion.

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Fans also see her character go through family problems in the first and second seasons. Sweeney has been open with the public during interviews that playing Cassie is sometimes extremely hard for her. She revealed some of the hardest parts of the role, including the fact that some of the most asked-about scenes are her nudity and intimacy scenes.

She said, "I have every right to say yes or no, do it or not do it, and if I didn't want to do it, I wouldn't do it. I think that for Cassie's story and Cassie's character, her scenes and her moments of intimacy are important to her development."

Sweeney certainly plays her role well and even though her character is hated by some after the second season, there are still fans who stand by Cassie. There is no official date for when season three of Euphoria will premiere, but it has been confirmed that there will definitely be a season three.

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