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Fans Are So Worried About Kim Kardashian After Her ‘James Corden’ Appearance—See The Shocking Before & After Photos

SheFinds 9/27/2022 Maria Pierides
kim kardashian black hair braids white dress © Splash News kim kardashian black hair braids white dress

Kim Kardashian’s ever-shrinking frame continues to be a hot topic of discussion. The 41-year-old Skims founder’s body has been getting a lot of attention since she confessed to rapidly slimming down to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress for the Met Gala back in May, but fans are continuing to show concern for the mom-of-four, as she appears to be skinnier than ever. So much so, that fans are going as far as saying that she looks “unhealthy!”

The difference in Kim’s body was extremely noticeable when she appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden earlier this month, especially when compared with when she was on the show back in 2017. Fans were quick to notice that there was a *huge* difference, as Kim looked slim but her curves were still noticeable in a plunging sparkly dress back in 2017, whereas her world-famous curves were nowhere to be seen in the metallic Rick Owens dress she wore for this month’s appearance!

“Woah it is shocking how thin she is,” one fan commented on a side by side comparison picture posted to the Kardashian Social Instagram account. “The change is so drastic,” added another. “She lost her curves,” another fan noted. “She is so skinny is actually concerning,” wrote another fan, while many others said that they preferred her 2017 appearance.

“Looked happier in 2017,” one fan wrote. “Always beautiful, but like her weight in 2017 more,” commented another. “Wow what a difference on her appearance… I like normal weight Kim better!!” another exclaimed.

A post shared by Kardashian Social (@kardashiansocial)

A post shared by Kardashian Social (@kardashiansocial)

Kim in 2017 vs Kim in 2022

So what could Kim’s thinner-than-ever appearance be down to? Fans have wondered whether the Skkn by Kim founder has continued to actively try to lose weight following on from her intense pre-Met Gala diet, and/or perhaps choosing to have her alleged breast implants removed to fit in with her ever-decreasing frame.

“Her height is only 5’2 it wouldn’t surprise me if her body naturally was more thin, however it’s the contrast that’s shocking. Does that mean that everything else was implants?” one fan asked, as a comment to a Reddit thread titled: “Kim at James Corden 2017 vs 2022. I didn’t realize she lost so much weight.” “She really used to be gorgeous. She lost the spark in her eyes,” another concerned fan commented. “All the Kardashians are rapidly shrinking right now. Changing with the trends I guess :/ look at Khloe,” added another.

kim kardashian before after weight loss © Splash News kim kardashian before after weight loss

"She does not look healthy"

Many other fans sympathized with Kim and said that her weight loss was "sad" and could be due to stress as a result of her ongoing divorce from Kanye West and recently breaking up with Pete Davidson, her boyfriend of nine months. "Could be stress, lack of appetite," pondered one fan. "This. She’s going through a divorce from a mentally unstable person who publicly threatened a guy she was dating," another fan began. "This plus the Kardashian obsession with keeping your exes around as much as possible 'for the kids' sounds like a horrible stressful situation," they added.

"She looks unhealthy," yet another fan wrote, which another agreed with, writing, "She does not look healthy." "It’s actually super sad, their workout routines are scary. Plus they never really eat more than smoothies and salads," added another. Another fan said that the weight loss was "sad," writing: "It’s sad because I think they’d prefer people telling them they’re unhealthily skinny than how everyone obsessively criticized their bodies before."

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