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Has Pete Davidson Ever Said Anything Bad About His Exes?

TheThings logo TheThings 8/12/2022 Lane Vasquez
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Though the public was, at first, thrown when comedian Pete Davidson started dating various Hollywood starlets, times have changed. When he stepped out with Ariana Grande — and even put an engagement ring on her finger — it seems that other leading ladies in the industry took notice.

When the two broke up, Ariana's breakup ballad thank u, next seemed to increase Pete's fame, rather than causing him to look bad (she did name-drop several other exes, of course).

Afterward, Pete seemed to mend his broken heart by connecting with yet another leading lady, and a pattern emerged.

Some might have thought Kim Kardashian was the be-all-end-all, especially after Pete got multiple tattoos for Kim, including one commemorating their first kiss. But it seems that love story also wasn't meant to be.

This leads curious minds to wonder; has Pete ever had anything bad to say about an ex, and what will he say about Kim?

Pete Has Dated A Long List Of Hollywood Women

Pete Davidson's list of exes seems to get longer every few months; he's dated a handful of Hollywood women in succession. He did date Kim Kardashian for about nine months, but prior relationships tended to be a bit shorter.

Page Six listed Pete's dating timeline, pointing out that he dated Carly Aquilio "briefly" in 2015. Of his later engagement to Ariana Grande, Carly wrote on Instagram "I can't..."

His next relationship was longer-lived; Davidson was with Cazzie David for two years. After that, Pete got with Ariana, and they were together from May to October 2018.

Then Pete appeared with Kate Beckinsale on his arm for about four months, followed by Margaret Qualley for two months in 2019.

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After that, Pete romanced Kaia Gerber for about three months, ending their relationship in January 2020. Then a rumor came out that Olivia O'Brien dated Pete in 2020, but that hasn't been confirmed.

Phoebe Dynevor entered the picture next, from March 2021 to August of that year. Kim was Pete's next relationship, lasting for about nine months.

Davidson's Reputation Is Still (Mostly) Good

Though Pete has definitely dated around (his famous exes may just reach double digits), he doesn't seem to leave destruction in his wake. At least, he didn't with most of his exes.

Pete hasn't technically burned bridges with his ex-girlfriends, and the one messy breakup he had eventually simmered down.

Cazzie David wasn't thrilled that she and Pete went 'on a break,' only for him to turn around and put a ring on Ariana's finger. Yet they cleared the air, and Pete even has a dedication in Cazzie's book.

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But onlookers may have noticed something a bit odd about Pete's response to being asked about any of his exes. Though he and Cazzie had an, initially, awkward breakup, he only ever said positive things about her in interviews.

The same happened when he and Ariana split — sure, Pete made jokes about the relationship on SNL, but he never said anything damaging about Ariana or hurt her reputation (though she did clap back at times).

What Has Pete Davidson Said About His Exes?

Pete did crack some jokes about Ariana on SNL, though they were mostly self-deprecating and related to Ariana's diminutive stature, in comparison to certain parts of his anatomy.

Anyway, Ariana didn't seem thrilled with that, and some fans thought she later trolled Pete in her song Positions. Later, though? She apparently was fine with Pete dating her pal Kim K, which says a lot about how things went down.

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In fact, most sources seem to agree that Pete is quite the gentleman when it comes to dealing with his many exes. Metro even called him "a legend" as he "spoke highly" of the women he's dated.

While that doesn't make the man a legend, he did say some nice things.

About Kate Beckinsale, Pete explained she was "understanding and cool" when he broke things off because he was headed to treatment for his mental health.

On the topic of Kaia, who was 18 when the two dated (Pete was 26), Davidson stated that it wasn't fair for Kaia to 'take on his issues.'

Pete also defended his relationship track record by pointing out his partnerships lasted three to six months, and that they were meaningful, not just flings.

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On the whole, Pete has said positive things about his ex-girlfriends, and none seem to hate his guts, either. Whatever the true nature of their relationships — past or present — Pete doesn't seem like the kind of Hollywood heartbreaker to stomp all over a former partner's feelings. Well, except that one time, with Cazzie.

But perhaps Pete's high-profile relationships have taught him a thing or two about how to treat a partner, famous or otherwise. At the very least, it's clearly taught him when to keep his mouth shut — or maybe the NDAs have done that?


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