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Kate Middleton Considered Leaving Prince William Over Continued Contact With Alleged Affair Partner?

Gossip Cop logo Gossip Cop 11/20/2020 Brianna Morton
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Was Kate Middleton furious with Prince William over his continued contact with his alleged “other woman,” Rose Hanbury? A tabloid claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge was considering a $250 million divorce from her royal husband after learning he was back in touch with the married Hanbury. Gossip Cop investigated the rumor and can make several clarifications.

Prince William Getting Too Close To Rose Hanbury?

Earlier this year, the Globe reported that Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton was “hanging by a thread” after he and his wife had a “furious fight” over the Duke of Cambridge’s continued association with his alleged affair partner, Rose Hanbury. Despite presenting a “perfect front,” a source told the tabloid that “behind closed doors, they’re being ripped apart by a new cheating crisis!”

a man and a woman looking at the camera: Prince William, wearing a dark suit and green tie, walks with Kate Middleton, in a floral dress © Provided by Gossip Cop Prince William, wearing a dark suit and green tie, walks with Kate Middleton, in a floral dress

This narrative is a familiar one. For much of this year and last, Prince William has been battered by rumors that he carried on an illicit affair with Hanbury. The source insisted that the alleged infidelity supposedly resulted in Middleton consulting with “divorce lawyers amid rumors William was having an affair with Rose, her married best friend!”

Prince William dodged the issue because he “laughed off the claims and denied any wrongdoing,” and the “marriage survived” to live another day. But after Middleton “learned William was back in touch with Rose,” she was supposedly “furious” and “exploded at William, demanding to know how he could humiliate her like this!”

Kate reminded him she’d cut off all contact with Rose after the scandal — and thought he had, too. Now she’s tortured by fears William’s been cheating right under her nose!

Prince William 'Begged' Middleton To Forgive Him

What was this “contact” that had Kate Middleton so “furious” and “tortured” exactly? The source explained, “Kate was devastated to learn William put Rose on his Christmas card list! He insisted there was nothing to it — he only wanted to send festive wishes — and vehemently denied an affair.” Prince William “begged” his wife to forgive his indiscretion, but it was too little too late. The source confessed, “I’m told she’s thinking long and hard about their future.”

a person standing in front of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge posing for the camera: Prince William, in a dark suit with a blue tie, stands with Kate Middleton, in a blue suit © Provided by Gossip Cop Prince William, in a dark suit with a blue tie, stands with Kate Middleton, in a blue suit

Everyone’s praying William and Kate stay together. They have three kids they adore, but a $250 million divorce isn’t out of the question.

It's been proven over and over again that Prince William and Rose Hanbury did not have an affair. Kate Middleton's marriage to the prince is in no danger of falling apart over the allegations of cheating. The notion that Prince William supposedly included Hanbury in his Christmas card list, thus incurring his wife's fury, has no basis in reality. The idea that it would is so bizarre a concept that it boggles the mind that the Globe actually printed this nonsensical story. Then again, this tabloid in particular has a history of publishing outlandish lies about Prince William, Middleton, and the rest of the royal family.

Last spring, the tabloid claimed that Middleton and Prince William were in divorce talks over his alleged affair with Hanbury. That was utterly false, as was its claim that Prince William had seized the throne after accusing his father, Prince Charles, of murder. This tabloid relies on inflammatory claims that are completely unsupported by facts to entice readers.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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