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Kate Middleton faces backlashes over her latest campaign: 'The time has long passed for awareness'

Oh My Mag logo Oh My Mag 2/2/2023 Mary Sworn
Kate Middleton faces backlashes over her latest campaign © Provided by Oh My Mag Kate Middleton faces backlashes over her latest campaign

It is normal for the Royal Family members to be patrons of charities, as well as found them. Princess Kate’s latest project is one she holds dear and she has just launched. However, not everyone is convinced she’s the one to promote her campaign.

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Kate Middleton's 'Shaping Us'

The Princess of Wales launched her campaign called ‘Shaping Us’ on Tuesday, Jan 31. The campaign is for the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

Princess Kate had dubbed this campaign her ‘life’s work’ and was motivated to start the foundation when she discovered many people who have mental health issues suffered traumatic experiences in their early years. She noted this issue during various Royal engagements where people opened up to her.

At the BAFTAs, Princess Kate spoke about her project in a video about the importance of creating a ‘nurturing world’ for children.

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Internet reactions to Kate Middleton's campaign

As always, when someone as high-profile as the Princess of Wales, the internet has comments to share when it comes to the campaign.

One of the popular negative comments is that Princess Kate is privileged and has no qualifications or the right to work on such a project.

One person on Twitter posted, which got around 4,000 likes:

What qualifies this woman, who has never had a job and studied History of Art at University, qualified to make these judgements? And what solutions is she proposing? And what amount of her vast wealth is she donating to the cause?

Another posted:

Am I missing something?? What have you actually announced? Other than our childhood shapes us? Which is simply stating the blindingly obvious.
If you to actually do something, focus on the 4.2million in poverty, undernourished, no heating, demise of surestart centres.

Others have been calling for the Princess to help fund the project as raising awareness isn’t enough.

Dr Mine Conkbayir, a member of the Practitioners of the Early Years Sector, said, as reported by Express:

We are well accustomed to MPs and royalty vising early years settings. But nothing is done.
The time has long passed for ‘awareness’. We need action – long-term investment and funding in the early years.

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Support for Princess Kate

Despite the negative feedback, many were quick to defend the Princess of Wales’ life-long ambition.

To all the people hating on The Princess of Wales, just remember she’s brought together brilliant minds across the medical field to concentrate solely on the early years (under 5)
It’s an area that’s VERY underfunded and unsupported, she’s using her platform for GOOD


Yes she’s privileged but should that stop people from using their voice for good, she has the resources available to make lasting impact and change to children and their futures.
I wish there was more being done by the government, but hopefully they’ll have an awaking.

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