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King Charles' New Lord-In-Waiting Reignites Prince William Affair Rumors

The List 3/28/2023 Haley Van Horn
Prince William posing © Max Mumby/indigo/Getty Images Prince William posing

The coronation of King Charles III is approaching, and while we have finally learned all the details of the big day, the anticipation continues to build. For many, this will be the first coronation they've experienced in their lifetime, as Queen Elizabeth II reigned for an impressive 45 years. Charles took the throne immediately following his mother's passing, as is customary when a monarch dies, but as the coronation inches nearer, there are more changes the new king has to make.

After the passing of the queen, title changes went into effect instantly. For example, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, got an upgrade to William, Prince of Wales. These changes impacted some high-ranking royals, as well as those we don't hear of as often. The role of David Cholmondeley has been upgraded, according to Richard Eden of the Daily Mail. However, this change has brought the rumors of William's infidelity with Cholmondeley's wife, Rose Hanbury, back into the spotlight.

The Rumors Surrounding William's Affair Have Made Waves For Years

Rose Hanbury smiling © David M. Benett/Getty Images Rose Hanbury smiling

While William, Prince of Wales, has appeared to be in a happy relationship with his wife, Catherine, Princess of Wales, rumors regarding his possible affair with British socialite Rose Hanbury have made waves within the royal bubble. This controversy hit the fan when it was believed William spent Valentine's Day with Rose, not Kate.

Of course, William and the royal family have denied the allegations that he had an affair with Rose, who is married to long-standing royal David Cholmondeley. However, the rumor reappeared when in the tell-all documentary series about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, "Harry & Meghan," included a quote by Harry about the royal family lying to protect his brother, William. Many fans thought this could be in reference to the allegations of infidelity.

These rumors seem to be more concrete following the allegations that Kate and Rose were once close friends but now are far from friendly. The drama between these two couples may continue to struggle, as King Charles III has named Rose's husband, David, as a new lord-in-waiting, a prestigious position that will lead to more royal event invites for the controversial couple. 

Charles Recently Named David Cholmondeley As Lord-In-Waiting

David Cholmondeley, Prince William, Rose Hanbury, and Kate Middleton © Stephen Pond/Getty Images David Cholmondeley, Prince William, Rose Hanbury, and Kate Middleton

David Cholmondeley, once Marquess of Cholmondeley, was demoted following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. He was given the new title of Lord Great Chamberlain, which many assumed would lead to a significant separation between David and Rose Hanbury and the United Kingdom's royal family. The news came not long after the cheating rumors resurfaced yet again, however, it is a tradition that the title change to another aristocratic family when a monarch dies. David's title changes didn't end there. He will get another royal role, and this one will strengthen his connection to the brood.

"Charles has appointed the Marquess, as his Lord-in-Waiting — a prestigious position that will see him attend important state and royal occasions, as well as being called upon to represent His Majesty at various events," royal expert Richard Eden wrote in his column for the Daily Mail. Eden appears to believe that William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, remain close friends with the couple, but other reports beg to differ.

Some Twitter users were buying the idea that the cheating rumors must be false, writing, "We KNOW the rumor was untrue, because Rose Hanbury, married to the Marquess of Cholmondeley, and [she and] her husband are still included in the royal circle. The Marquess was just last week given a new senior appointment by the King. This would NEVER have happened were the rumor [was] true." While others chimed in saying they believe David received this new title to keep him quiet about the affair.

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