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See Kate Beckinsale Rock A Completely Inappropriate Shirt On Instagram

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It is no secret that Kate Beckinsale is from England. In fact, she was born in Chiswick, London, United Kingdom, to be exact. Although there are some words in the English language that makes people cringe, those same words can be seenk as endearing or used with a bit of reverence in other parts of the world. One of those words happens to be the C-word. This word has long been controversial in the United States but celebrated elsewhere. That is the case for Beckinsale, as she is rocking a shirt that has some deep historical importance for England, though it may seem as deeply inappropriate to many others. You can see the image below:

Kate Beckinsale might be rocking her “offensive” shirt via a collection on her Instagram, but the story behind the shirt is quite fascinating. Bella Freud, daughter of renowned British painter Lucian Freud, partnered with Sotheby’s to bring about this new shirt. The shirt commemorates the private member Colony Room Club, which was a hub of counterculture in London, that was home to philosopher Francis Bacon, painter Frank Auerbach, and artist Damien Hirst. Bella had been introduced to the club by her father as a teenager. The owner of the club was a lesbian woman named Muriel Belcher, who would greet everyone that came in with “Hello C****.” Now, Beckinsale is rocking the shirt on her social media page to likely celebrate the counterculture era in London, with a 1973 necklace on, indicating the celebration of her own birthday, which is on July 26th.

Plenty of people are celebrating the shirt right along with Kate Beckinsale, as the above collection has amassed well over 50,000 likes and 1,200 comments of heart emojis and fire emojis. Beckinsale might be turning 48 years old in three weeks, but she looks as youthful as ever. As the saying goes, “aging like fine wine.” Beckinsale is still gorgeous as ever, and her career has also been getting better with age as well.

The actress is set to take on the role of CIA spy in Canary Black, where she plays Avery Graves, an operative who is betrayed and must find a way to save her husband and clear her name of any wrongdoing. She is also going to be joining Charlie Day in this directorial debut of El Tonto, though much is not known about the plot of the film just yet. One thing is for sure, Kate Beckinsale continues to garner great roles because she is a massively talented actress who has dedicated decades to her craft.

Kate Beckinsale might offend people with her shirt, but it is just a word. A word that celebrated a hub of artistic minds, which is a lot better than just writing “C***” on a t-shirt. She can keep celebrating what she desires and updating fans about her looks on her own Instagram page, as she will continually get love from her supporters around the world, despite some people gasping at a silly shirt.

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