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25 best Oculus Quest games to lose yourself in

GamesRadar logo GamesRadar 2/18/2021 Diego Arguello
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The best Oculus Quest games can be hard to find amongst so many options, but we’ve got you covered with our picks. Whether you want to take on stealth operatives, swim with dolphins as you play Tetris, or just indulge yourself in different rhythm or fitness games for an intense workout, there’s a game for everyone here.

Our best VR games list covers several titles that can also be played with your Oculus Quest if you have an Oculus Link Cable and a fairly modest cheap gaming PC, but this list in question focuses on games that you can find on the store right away.

25. Down the Rabbit Hole

There have been countless stories about Alice’s visit to Wonderland, but Down the Rabbit Hole focuses on a different tale prior to her arrival. In this VR adventure game, you will serve as a guide for a child in search of her lost pet, who has unluckily wandered into Wonderland. And instead of your usual 2D or 3D fashion, everything is told on a fully explorable 360° diorama. As the protagonist moves through each one of the sections you will be the one helping her to solve puzzles, make choices that impact the story, and also help multiple other playable characters.

This narrative-driven experience is a must for fans of the Alice’s Adventures in  Wonderland universe, all the way from the giant casino cards to the grim smile of the Cheshire cat. 

24. Phantom: Covert Ops 

The absence of games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell has really left a gap in the stealth genre, but Phantom: Covert Ops might scratch that itch and then some. This VR experience changes the perspective of your usual stealth adventure in quite an inventive way: an elite covert operative is tasked with preventing a war during the length of a night, and they do so by traversing the game’s areas on a kayak.

Moving across water freely is a unique feeling, but it’s even more intriguing when you add on the fact that you’re able to tackle situations as you see fit. Perhaps an enemy group isn’t worth your time, and instead, you choose to create a distraction by shooting lights nearby and sneak past them. Or you can just go ahead and use a sniper rifle. It’s all up to you, and using the kayak in an efficient way makes for one of the most clever mechanics in recent time.

23. Pixel Ripped 1995

For something a little different, how about a game within a game? Or more specifically a metaverse where a 9-year-old boy is trying to defeat a villain in a virtual reality world?  

That’s Pixel Ripped 1995, the follow up to Pixel Ripped 1989. Instead of focusing on the 8-bit era of video games as the 1989 version did, Pixel Ripped 1995 is all about 16-bit and 32-bit, from Castlevania likes to beat ‘em ups. The trick of this experience is how it intertwines the multiple realities, making it very meta for you, the player, but also for the protagonist of the story.

Pixel Ripped 1995 isn’t shy about showcasing its focus on nostalgia, but that’s why it works so well. Visiting arcades or placing a game cartridge on a console is bound to bring up a memory or two, but even if you found yourself interested in games much later on, it all makes for a compelling story that is as enchanting as it is worthwhile.

22. Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge

Only Disney would make a VR game out of Galaxy’s Edge, the attractions that can be found at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California. But to our surprise, it makes for quite the charming experience, even if you have never been to the real locations it references. The story is set on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost, found in the Battu planet, where you’ll be tasked with helping the locals, seeing some familiar faces, and slowly learning more about your own abilities in the process.

This is a rather compact experience, but it trades length for density and plenty of surprises. Interactive mini-games and real-time conversations with characters are just a few of the charms of the experience, and there’s much more to discover, especially if you’re a vivid Star Wars fan.

21. The Room VR: A Dark Matter 

The Room series from Fireproof Games has been around for years now, taking players into ancient and forbidden locations to take on investigations. Mysteries are often solved by exploring scenarios and solving many puzzles, which makes the passage to VR an intriguing prospect. The Room VR: A Dark Matter is an exclusive Oculus Quest experience set in 1908, inside the British Institute of Archaeology in London where the player tries to trace back the disappearance of a known Egyptologist.

VR’s appeal might be on simulators and shooting galleries, but the joy of literally looking around for clues, investigating books in search for clues, and interacting with mechanisms in the maps in the hope of unlocking a secret passage somewhere nearby makes for a standout thrill. If you’re looking to take a break from the constant flashy action of most games, this is the one for you.

20. Mare

Did you know there’s an experience reminiscent of Ico for VR? It’s called Mare. In this narrative-driven adventure, you’re tasked with controlling the wings of a bird that helps a young girl get to a certain destination. The bird is in charge of pretty much everything that happens on the screen, but always has its companion in mind. You’ll have to help her solve puzzles, guide her, and protect her from danger.

Mare is one of those games you really need to experience to fully understand, but it's worth it when you lose yourself in the sights and the subtle storytelling. It’s certainly one of those experiences where the journey is as important as the destination.

19. Red Matter

Red Matter is a story-driven puzzle adventure game that takes you to outer space. You’ll find yourself taking the role of an astronaut on a secret research project in the midst of a dystopian sci-fi Cold War. Throughout the game you’ll encounter dozens of different puzzles in both outdoor and indoor areas, each offering its own challenge as the story evolves with your actions. You'll have high tech tools to help you navigate and solve the puzzles you encounter, and plenty of stories to chew on. Red Matter is a standout for the Oculus Quest. If you’re into narrative-driven experiences or you’re just tired of always having to shoot at enemies, then give this a try.

18. Audica

At first glance, Audica might seem familiar to the likes of Beat Saber and Pistol Whip, but it couldn’t be more different. This rhythm shooter made by Harmonix, the minds behind Rock Band and Fuser, and it’s all about mastering songs as you blast through dozens of targets in real-time. The difficulty can be quite steep, with different targets that demand different actions (and reactions!) from your end. Some will ask you to just perform a normal shot, but others are all about holding down the trigger, shooting repeatedly at multiple small targets, or even tilting your virtual guns to one side. If you’re looking for a game that demands precision and aim, this is an interesting option.

17. Tetris Effect

The genius of Tetris Effect cannot be overstated. It’s Tetris, sure, but taken to new heights, and to places around the world and beyond. In the so-called Journey mode, you travel through dozens of levels that are all unique from one another. The board is the one you remember from the original, but there are big and small touches everywhere that make each encounter shine. Tetrominoes change depending on the level (although you can opt for the classic colored ones), and the landscapes in the background aren’t still images, reacting and changing based upon your input.

Clearing line after line as you swim with dolphins, visit the moon or see a fireworks show makes for a whole new Tetris experience, and one well worth checking out. 

16. Rush

What's the point of owning a VR headset if you're not going to experience the thrill of wingsuit flying?  Rush invites you to jump right into challenging aerial races with over a hundred unique mountain paths. All of this can be done with friends or people online up to groups of four, taking part in simple A to B races, Time Attack, and Score Challenge modes.

Different weather and time of day make for gorgeous landscapes to surround yourself with, and if you truly want to enjoy them outside of competitions, you can do so in the Freeflight mode, where there are no objectives nor restrictions. Just be mindful of sitting in a comfy chair beforehand, especially if you’re afraid of heights!

15. Journey of the Gods

Realism can be compelling when you’re able to immerse yourself into a game, but there’s a certain charm that comes from setting foot on unknown landscapes with a quirky and delicately crafted aesthetic. Journey of the Gods is that and way more, as it invites you into a VR adventure where you slice enemies with your sword and shoot at them at a distance with your bow.

But these are all distinct, often frightening creatures that respond to you in their own way, making each encounter count. It might not be a full-on RPG experience, but it trades a long campaign and dozens of grind hours for a polished adventure through ancient lands, as you fight your way through not only as the savior of the story but also as a god, drastically changing how the gameplay works.

14. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Defusing bombs in Counter-Strike is nothing compared to the ones in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. You're in charge of dissecting a ticking explosive under a limited time counter, as another person on the other end reads a handbook of instructions to disable it before it’s too late. It might sound easy, but the trick is that you never know which types of puzzles you’re going to get, which adds not only extra time but the pressure on all players as you try and figure out whether the instructions are correct, and if the description you’ve given matches the corresponding guide.

In VR, things only get more interesting. Fiddling with the bomb in real-time with your hands as you try and follow directions is a thrilling and exhilarating experience, and considering that the handbook can be downloaded for free as a PDF, this means that any of your friends can join you at all times.

13. Falcon Age

People have been asking time and time again whether you can pet the dog, but what about having a falcon companion with you and seeing it grow not only older, but closer to you? Falcon Age seeks to answer this question in a first-person action-adventure where protagonist Ara sets a path to help resist the colonizers that have invaded her home and stripped away its culture.

A headset is not necessary to experience this game, but it takes on a whole different level if you choose to do so. You can choose a name for your falcon and then pet, teach, feed, and dress it up. Some snacks will buff or strengthen your companion, but there are also other activities and actions to take part in, such as high fiving and fist-bumping. In addition, there’s a so-called Imprint Mode in case you want a story mode with optional combat, and just enjoy watching the characters’ bond grow.

12. Pinball FX2 VR

When it comes to arcade machines, there's something about the discovery and mastering of a pinball table that remains unmatched to this day. Of course, it’s a bit hard to get your hands on it during quarantine, but Pinball FX2 VR offers an interesting alternative.

FX2 combines the thrill and the rules of classic pinball with each table’s behavior and quirks, all in VR. Not only are the tables are brought to life in your headset, but also the environments around them, which is what makes this version so distinct. Trying to beat your high scores whilst a shark swims around the table is a moment you shouldn’t miss.

11. Fit XR

If you have been looking for an experience akin to Nintendo’s Fitness Boxing, or just happened to already have had your share of Beat Saber’s workouts, Fit XR might be the game for you. It’s all about moving your body and following certain movement patterns, sure, but also an interesting alternative to all those routine videos on YouTube.

There are several classes you can take that are focused on boxing and dance workouts, all as you enjoy soothing and motivating songs in the background. Once you’re done, you can see the metrics of your performance in real-time, and plan accordingly for the upcoming sessions. Fit XR might be the definitive experience for those looking to do some exercise at home but just can’t find the motivation to do so, or those who just miss having classes in-person.

10. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted is both a brand new experience and also a collection of memorable mini-games from past entries, as well as scenes that have been updated and remade to match the virtual reality setting.

There are plenty of VR horror games out there, but none of them can quite match the atmosphere and eerie aesthetic of Freddy’s. Multitasking is key, as you check on cameras whilst keeping one eye on the door, but your activities can be interrupted at any moment with a big animatronic creature jumping out. This experience isn’t quite for those faint of heart, but if you manage to endure it, you’ll find yourself not wanting to leave this world - despite how dreadful and haunting it can be.

9. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

You might have a bit of zombie fatigue after so many seasons of The Walking Dead, but we promise this is a zombie apocalypse that is worth experiencing. Instead of following the tradition of letting you stay in place and shoot waves of enemies around you, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners offers free movement around an infested New Orleans. Not only do you have to grab scraps from the environment to survive and craft weapons and items, but also face consequences in terms of story, as you make decisions around characters’ fates in dramatic moments.

It has a bit of a ZombiU feel to it, where you’re not exactly a stomping force that can pass through obstacles and hordes with ease, but rather a haunted survivor that is just trying to see another day. If you’re into the idea of dealing with gun jamming, zombies that react to noise and can break doors, and a compelling storyline that rewards you with secrets and easter eggs if you take alternate routes, then Saints and Sinners is for you.

8. Pistol Whip

The next John Wick film is still a way off, but that doesn’t mean you can't relive some of the stunts and movements of Keanu Reeves by yourself. Pistol Whip is a fast-paced first-person shooter where you take down dozens of enemies with precision and style. But to add a twist to it, the game is more akin to Beat Saber than Superhot, as everything you do is tied to the rhythm of the soundtrack.

Moving and shooting to the beat just hits differently, and the environments help to support the action, presenting scenarios like an android uprising or a bank heist, between others. On top of this, mechanics such as dual-wielding pistols can make you feel like Neo from the Matrix in an instant, but the special touches in the game make them feel unique at all times.

7. The Climb

Crytek is a studio better known for the Crysis series or Hunt: Showdown, but it also made the Cryengine. This engine has powered all of these games and always sought to surpass itself with each new entry, which is why the prospect of seeing it come to life in VR is so appealing.

The Climb introduces you into the world of free solo climbing, leading you to captivating landscapes as you literally climb your way through them, finding shortcuts, moving through caves, and much more. There are also different game modes, like multiplayer where you race other players’ ghosts and climb the leaderboards whilst earning achievements, dangerous routes that demand precisión, and a tourist mode with simplified mechanics in case you just want to learn the ropes or enjoy the scenery in a chill way.

6. Echo VR

Did anyone say online competitive sports in VR? Echo VR is a free multiplayer game where people take part in intricate matches in zero gravity with a simple objective: take a frisbee from one point to the other. Of course, this isn’t an easy task at all, considering all the obstacles you need to dodge on your way to the opposite team’s base, as you try to avoid upcoming punches that can incapacitate you and lose the goal, all the time watching the strategies of other players.

This is one of those experiences that is worth downloading right away on your Oculus Quest to witness the power of the headset, but know that it has the potential to become a go-to for your Friday nights. Scoring a goal and then giving one of your teammates a thumbs-up as you both float in the air is just one of the many wonders in Echo VR.

5. Moss

It makes sense for many of the VR experiences to be in first person - after all, you're putting a headset on your heads - but a couple of games, such as Moss, ignore this with astounding results. In this whimsical adventure, you're in control of a mouse called Quill, moving her around, solving puzzles and engaging in combat against dangers across forests and caves. But the twist here comes with the camera angle, which is sort of top-down, but the movement is all handled by where you’re looking.

Taking the part of a sort of godly pointer in this world, Moss often feels like opening a living book and going through page after page, leading the protagonist through its pages as a guide. The most interesting part is in the ways the game takes advantage of this indirect playfulness - the mouse is always aware of your presence, and that makes for some of the most touching and sweet moments of an experience you shouldn’t miss.

4. Rez Infinite

Before Tetris Effect, the genius of Enhance had been busy showcasing their skills and talent with Rez on the PS2. This game took you on the task of flying around digital landscapes and shooting all obstacles in sight while a soothing, sometimes intense soundtrack joined for the ride. It was a pulpy experience that knew how to leave a mark with its originality and bold art direction, and Rez Infinite brings all of this to the modern era.

You can choose to play it without it, but if you do own a VR headset then make sure to give this a try. As much as the dolphins in Tetris Effect are enchanting to look at, seeing them in VR makes for a more intimate encounter, and there’s a similar feeling in Rez Infinite, swimming through the pixels and the low poly enemies to lose yourself in these unique spaces.

3. Thumper

The developers of Thumper have categorized it as "rhythmic violence", and there’s a good reason for that. On paper, this seems like yet another rhythm game, following the likes of Amplitude or Audiosurf as you travel at high speed and collect certain items along the way as the music follows rampant. But Thumper is different. It uses intensity and physics in a completely different way, making you feel each hit and turn as harrowing impacts.

As you progress through normal levels you can get away with not being a hundred percent precise. Bosses are a different beast altogether. In order to attack them, you'll have to learn their patterns and repeat them over and over until you follow them perfectly. Despite how daunting it sounds, Thumper has a way of pulling you back, and experiencing this in VR turns it into a fun, but living nightmare, as you fight your way through obstacles to finally wake up from it.

2. Superhot VR

1. Beat Saber

It’s been years since Beat Saber appeared as one of the headliners for VR with a simple, yet perfectly executed idea: stand on the ground with your arms in the air, grab two lightsabers, and start smashing all upcoming blocks as you follow the rhythm of dozens of original and licensed tracks. What’s not to love?

Aside from the workout you can get out of this, it’s one of the most interesting rhythm games out there, and it never ceased to evolve. You can now obtain packs for Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, Panic! at the Disco, Green Day, BTS, and more. We can only imagine how far it will go, but with a formula that works so well, it’s only a matter of getting into the game, start looking for those high scores and enjoy your favorite music in an immersive setting like no other.

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